“Lucifer is waiting for Morpheus” — what to expect from the second season of “The Sandman”?


Neil Gaiman spent years trying to adapt his comic for television, until Netflix came along. But his patience and years of waiting paid off. Released in August, the series garnered 69.5 million views in the first week, and then the number of views doubled to 127.5 million in the second week. For several weeks, the show occupied the first 5 positions. However, despite the numbers, it pulled fans who were a little worried about the status of the show. Now, according to recent reports, Netflix has given the green light to The Sandman for a second season!

Since we have more to explore with Dream of the Endless, fans are already thinking about what they can expect from the second part.

Fans’ expectations from season 2 of “The Sandman”

Since the series adapted two volumes in the first season, fans expect the series to follow the same formula in the next. There is no need to wait for the film adaptation of the “Season of Fogs”!

Hob Gadling was a fan favorite!

The other can’t wait for another epic confrontation between Dream and Lucifer.

An endless family meal is sure to take place.

Rochez also expects to see Delirium.

What to expect from the second part?

As mentioned above, this is most likely an adaptation of Season of Mists, where we will meet Endless again. Fate may also appear. Since the last episode of The Sandman ends with Lucifer’s plan to make Morpheus pay for his humiliation, the latter is likely to find himself in a precarious position in the next part. As Lucifer leaves his kingdom empty and Dream rules as revenge, Dream will soon become the target of various Lords and Demons who are fighting for the empty throne.

A Game of You follows the season of Mists, which focuses on the story of Barbie, one of Hal’s tenants, living in the Ground with her companion Martin Tenbones. Barbie is an exciting fairy tale that features talking animals and darker elements like severed heads!

Are you excited about the second season of The Sandman show?


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