Lucifer: Is Trixie still in the season 5 sequel?

She remains a friend and a precious ally of Lucifer alongside Chloe … But will Trixie still be there in the rest of season 5?

Lucifer almost hates her … because she’s a child. But fans love her: will Trixie be in the rest of the series? As the actress grows up and begins to multiply roles, the show may be missing …

Because Scarlett Estevez, who lends her features to Trixie, bursts the screen! Funny girl, smiling and mischievous, she thus becomes famous thanks to television series. But also in the cinema, where she played for example in Grinch!

From the top (or almost) of her 13 years, the young actress therefore melts the spectators. And also the directors. What to ask the question of his presence in the continuation of Lucifer. Especially with such a busy schedule!

Ultra Violet & Blue Demon, Christmas Again: the actress has a lot of projects to follow … Which could be a problem. Fans are worried, and even ask the creators questions to make sure the girl is there!

True asset of the Lucifer team with Chloe, Trixie brings a breath of freshness and pinching side for a Chloe often too serious. But without her, with a Dan who will never support the Devil, the relationship could become unbalanced …

The creators of the series therefore had to clear things up! In the columns of TV Line, they answer the question that burns the lips of a lot of fans: Will Trixie disappear from the series, and gradually fade away?

Lucifer: the character of Trixie still in the sequel to season 5?

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The two showrunners, Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich, thus promise “their dose of Trixie” to the fans of the young actress. Good news for the Lucifans… And for the devil himself, who can always count on her!

Even though he calls her a “little monster” whenever he has the chance, Lucifer still has a certain fondness for Chloe’s daughter. He can therefore explore the relationship between him and the young girl. Especially since there is more to learn about her!

Chloe Comes indeed could have been born on an intervention of God, and Amenadiel. She would therefore have a divine side which prevents, among other things, the Devil from using his “mojo” on her. But Trixie would therefore be the daughter of a divine being!

A question then arises: can Lucifer bewitch Trixie? Does the girl also have powers that she does not yet know? “We love Scarlett,” the designers also say. We have managed to mix the stories to go further. ”

Go where ? Only the second part of season 5 can give an idea of ​​the next changes in the life of the Devil … But Netflix has still not given a release date! Fans will therefore still have to wait!



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