Lucifer: the incredible salary of Tom Ellis revealed!


Lucifer is not yet back on Netflix that the series is already talking about! In question: the incredible salary of Tom Ellis!

Tom Ellis is the star of the Lucifer series. So it’s no surprise that he’s paid very well. But we did not expect it to be that much!

It’s been a few days since Tom Ellis has been talked about in the celebrity press. His ex-wife has indeed posted rather enigmatic messages on Instagram. They would allude to the infidelities of the interpreter of Lucifer. If the actor has remarried today and is happy, his excesses had made headlines a few years ago. He had indeed admitted an affair with the Australian actress Émilie de Ravin.

If many people had forgotten this dark story, Instagram is responsible for refreshing everyone’s memory. Lucifer’s star fans have taken on a new passion for all aspects of his private life. His salary is particularly fascinating. The Richest magazine has therefore inquired and the result is surprising to say the least!

The general public may not know Tom Ellis until the launch of Lucifer in 2016, the Welsh actor already has a good career behind him. He has indeed made numerous appearances in British series like Miranda. So that’s why his current fortune is estimated at $ 6 million. But it’s not just that!

The Richest magazine reports that the actor would receive $ 50,000 for each episode of Lucifer. The Netflix series has so far had 67 episodes. That would mean that Tom Ellis collected nearly $ 3.5 million to spread his wings on the small screen. This is devilish wages!


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