Lucifer: How the boycott against the series was welcomed by the creators of the drama


Lucifer premiered its sixth and final season through the Netflix streaming platform in September 2021. But, at the beginning of its run on Fox, the drama faced several problems, including a boycott, which almost prevented it from continuing its production and pleasing audiences. the millions of fans who made the diabolical series starring Tom Ellis a success.

And it is that in addition to taking advantage of the opportunity that the streaming platform gave to the series, the creators of the Lucifer series also took advantage of all the controversy that was woven about the story focused on Lucifer Morningstar, especially in matters of religion .

Recently, through his account on the social network Twitter, Neil Gaiman, the creator of the also successful saga of comics The Sandman, the story where the character Lucifer was born, thanked the movements of mothers and families who tried to oppose to the broadcast of the series, even before it premiered on Fox.

Before Lucifer’s debut in 2015, when the series was still owned by Fox, a conservative activist organization called One Million Moms urged people to boycott the drama, saying it “dignified Satan” and undermined Catholicism. Something that, according to the movement, was detrimental to the audience.

The organization even stated that Lucifer “disrespected Christianity and mocked the Bible”, something that millions of fans disagreed with, as evidenced by the recent news related to the success obtained by the drama on the Netflix platform. , ranking first as the most watched series of 2021 according to the most recent Nielsen list.

It is important to point out that for Gaiman the controversy caused by the plot of Lucifer was not a turbulence, but rather a huge wave that helped him get where he wanted and that allowed him to promote another of his creations, The Sandman series, the which is in development and will soon hit fan screens through Netflix. This shared the creator of Lucifer on twitter:

“I would like to formally thank @1millmoms for their attempts to ban Lucfer before it came out. The boycott is what allowed us to understand that Sandman is relevant as a comic. It also boded well for the next stage of this upcoming series dealing with our television spin-off”.