Lucifer: fans of the series very angry with Netflix!


Fans of the Lucifer series are very happy with Netflix! The latter claim the rest of season 5, but in vain …

The wait becomes endless for fans of the Lucifer series. Months after the release of Season 5, the Lucifans are mad at Netflix.

They are still waiting for the arrival of the second part of Lucifer season 5. It has been five months since the first part aired.

The question Internet users are asking themselves is therefore the following. When will the second part of season 5 be released on the platform?

As the months go by, early adopters are still on the lookout. Fans are still looking forward to a season 6.

Despite numerous reminders from Lucifer fans, Netflix has yet to make a decision about the broadcast on the platform. So the fans are still waiting, and they are losing patience.

However, Internet users were convinced that the remaining eight episodes of season five of the Lucifer series would arrive at the end of the year. But nay!

Lucifer fans of the series very angry with Netflix


A few months ago, Netflix claimed that Lucifer’s season 5 will be available in March, as the outlet recalled. However, the platform has not given any sign of life since January.

The current health crisis has seriously affected the shootings. And that’s probably why the broadcast of the second half of Season 5 is struggling to arrive. At least, that’s what some fans of the series are saying on Reddit.

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“Even though we knew it was going to happen, it makes me sad to see that nothing is happening on the Netflix side,” said an internet on the social network. And he’s not the only one to think so.

” Thank you. I hate it, but I think the second part will arrive in August at this price. ” Some Lucifans are hoping Netflix will deliver some good news this week, however.

“I think this week Netflix is ​​going to make an announcement. It’s not like them to hang around so much, ”writes one fan, fed up with the wait.

A few days ago, the showrunner of the series, Joe Henderson, made revelations about the episodes of season 6. He confided in particular that some would be very dark.

Season 6 of Lucifer will likely be the last. A source close to the series told The Express a few months ago that Tom Ellis had not signed for a season 7.

“I’m ready to do something else now. I loved every minute that I played Lucifer. Season 6 is going to be a lot of fun, you’ll see. But now I want to surprise audiences with a role they won’t expect me to be, ”he told King of Con.


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