Lucifer: Fans Complain About The Series After Character Death

ALERT: Text contains SPOILERS from Lucifer’s fifth season finale.

Lucifer: The long-awaited part two of Lucifer’s fifth season premiered last Friday (29) on Netflix. The release of the new episodes was highly anticipated by fans, but it seems that not everything in the plot pleased viewers.

That’s because, in the 15th episode, the penultimate of the season, an important character dies in the plot. It is the police officer Dan, who trying to flee from a group of criminals, is shot and found by Chloe. Before he died, Dan told the detective that the mercenaries were actually hired by Michael as part of a plan to become God. Click here to know everything that happened at the end of the season with spoilers.

Fans complain

The death saddened fans, who went to Twitter to express their displeasure with the direction of the series. “I’m crying like a child watching Lucifer, I can’t believe the dan died,” said one user. “Crying liters because Dan Espinoza died in Lucifer vsfd he was so good and kind because this had to happen to him, then I lost everything in Amenadiel’s speech and Trixie wanting to see him aaaaaaaaa”, commented another person.


It remains to be seen if the death is final or if Dan will return from the dead. But by all appearances, Chloe’s ex-husband is unlikely to return for next season.



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