Lucifer: Everything You Need to Know Before Season 6 Premiere


The Lucifer series, from Netflix, will end this Friday (10). The production, based on the original DC Comics comics, will have its 6th season available to fans on the streaming platform at once. The expectation is that the characters resolve their conflicts and work with their emotions in an interesting way in the last few episodes.

But do you remember what happened recently on the show, considering all the plots of Lucifer (Tom Ellis), Chloe (Lauren German), Dan (Kevin Alejandro), Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) and Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt)?

So stay tuned and don’t miss any details of this recap!

Lucifer: all the details that precede the season 6 narrative

According to Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich, executive producers of the series at Netflix, originally, the finale of Season 5 would serve as the finale of the series as a whole. However, with the progressive success that the episodes made among audiences, the streaming giant gave the two an opportunity to pursue the dramas of the central characters a little further.

It is worth remembering that, divided into two parts, season 5 brought to light the plan of Lucifer’s twin brother, the infamous Michael (also played by Tom Ellis). Although he faced him through most of the episodes, in the end, the character got the post he coveted so much, literally taking on the mantle of God and eliminating the nickname Lord of Hell altogether.

At the beginning of the series, which somehow continued with an investigative and even procedural format, exhibited by Fox, the main protagonist gradually became a great solver of mysteries and almost unsolvable crimes. From that point on, viewers began to follow the internal conflict he brought with him, between living free and without ties, while falling in love with Chloe.

With the retirement of God (Dennis Haysbert), he wandered a great opportunity in Heaven. Despite having achieved what he wanted so much, things were not so complete. Lucifer needed to go to paradise to rescue Chloe from a possible death, just after the agent had defeated Michael. That way, a little more mystery was added to the end of season 5 so that all fans would be curious to know what could still happen.

During this year’s Comic-Con at Home, the filmmakers highlighted the importance of season 6, showing that despite Lucifer having gained an important position in his own narrative, he still needed to deal with some issues that only concerned him. According to Henderson, the last episodes will be decisive, as they will illustrate very well to the public some details that would remain in the subtext.

“There are a lot of things that we wouldn’t tell and now we can’t not show it”, said the producer and screenwriter in an interview with the website Collider. While they won’t delve into most of the plots that audiences will watch in Lucifer’s season 6 on Netflix anytime soon, it’s known that the characters’ fates will be presented in some way.

It is worth noting that, even with this in mind, some important elements of the narrative have already had their endings revealed in season 5, as is the case of Linda (Rachael Harris), who wanted to reconnect with the daughter she had initially given up for adoption.

For Modrovich and Henderson, the coronavirus pandemic was able to catalyze many feelings in the creative team, making last season even more intimate and emotional.

That way, all that’s left for fans is to enjoy! For this reason, be sure to check out the 6th season of Lucifer, which arrives on Netflix this Friday (10).


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