Lucifer: Episode 2 cannot be watched on Netflix in March!


The sequel to Lucifer’s season 5 is long overdue on Netflix. The new episodes are not ready to arrive on the channel.

It’s been several months since Netflix uploaded the first part of season 5 of Lucifer. Fans are not going to be able to see the new episodes in March. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Several months ago, Netflix put the first part of season 5 of Lucifer online. Fans were able to find Chloe heartbroken following the devil’s departure. Indeed, the character of Tom Ellis has chosen to return to hell so as not to endanger her. However, he quickly changed his mind.

During his absence, Michael, his twin brother put his bags in California. He did not hesitate to steal his brother’s identity and take his place at the police station. So he got very close to Chloe and it took a while for Trixie’s mother to find out.

On the contrary, Maze and Amenadiel did not fall for the trap. And for good reason, they know Lucifer’s brother very well. Michael, however, tried to manipulate Maze and promised him to find a soul. For his part, Amenadiel remained loyal to the King of Hell and even fought against Michael.

There was no shortage of action in the mid-season finale. Indeed, the devil has made his comeback on Earth in order to put an end to his brothers’ schemes. Amenadiel, the devil and Michael then offered a very good battle to the fans. However, they were very quickly interrupted by… God!

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Lucifer season 5: part 2 not available in March 2021 on Netflix!


Lucifer fans don’t yet know why God came to Earth. Thus, we will have to wait for the second part of season 5 to know his intentions. Nonetheless, fans can already expect a good showdown between the devil and his father. And for good reason, the King of Hell has hated his father for centuries.

Chloe’s co-worker could never bear the thought of her father banishing him from Heaven. As a result, fans will be able to discover everything about this story in the next episodes. However, the rest of season 5 will not happen immediately. As Netflixlife confides, the sequel will not be live in March 2021.

So don’t expect to see Tom Ellis and the rest of the cast again in March. Production is experiencing a big delay because of the Covid-19. Indeed, even if the episodes are in the box, they have not yet all gone into post-production. So when will the sequel hit Netflix?

The first part of Lucifer arrived on August 21st. So, ideally, the sequel could have arrived six months later, in March 2021. Thus, we can hope that the new episodes will arrive next April. However, at this time, Netflix has not made any statement about it …


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