Lucifer: Dan ready to take on Amenadiel in the sequel?


Dan has just found out who Lucifer really is. But he doesn’t know everything yet. Could he blame Aménadiel? We do not yet know when the season 5 part B of Lucifer will be released. But it shouldn’t be long. Since the end of the first part, a lot of theories have been circulating on social networks. And a new one has just come out. It concerns Dan and Aménadiel.

Times are a bit tricky for the detective in Lucifer. He has only just learned of the Devil’s true identity from his evil twin. And if relations had calmed down between the two men, nothing was going on for Dan. He does not understand.

He was even trying to kill him. But he still has a lot to learn. So much so that everyone could fall apart. Because remember, Dan was very enamored with Charlotte Richards. Except there was one thing he didn’t know at all.

This woman was in fact the goddess of creation. Mother of Amenadiel and Lucifer. Obviously, the detective doesn’t know that. Moreover, when the goddess would voluntarily die, the real Charlotte Richards resurfaced, without any memories of course.

And little by little she was learning the truth about what really happened. After questioning her whole life, she decided to do good. But during this redemption, she ended up succumbing, killed by Marcus Pierce who was angry with Amenadiel.


Charlotte was sacrificing herself in Lucifer to save Amenadiel. And at that moment, the angel would then cover her wings and take the young woman to heaven. But Dan has been mad at himself ever since. He feels like this woman died because of him.

Especially since in the end, he loved her. Since that moment, the detective has grown into a much darker and resentful character. So, we wonder how he will turn in the next season of Lucifer. Some fans believe he could become even more violent upon learning the truth.

Others believe it might turn on Amenadiel when he finds out Charlotte’s true nature early in the season when she wanted to have an intimate relationship with him. Will this call everything into question for Trixie’s daddy?

So when Dan realizes he has had sex with a celestial being, maybe it could have an impact on his mind. Enough to pull your hair out, let’s face it! But more, when he learns that Amenadiel was there the night she died, how will he react?

Especially since the angel has been his friend from the start. He trusts her. Of course, God’s right arm could do nothing for the young woman who had become mortal again. However, the detective might not understand him. All of this may be complicated for the sequel to Lucifer!