Lucifer: All About Part 2 of Season 5 of the Series (Spoilers)


Lucifer: The 2nd part of Lucifer’s 5th season premiered on Netflix this Friday (28th) and brought the long-awaited unfolding of the story after the arrival of God in the plot. In addition, the new episodes also included the musical chapter of the series, much requested and awaited by fans. In preparation for the 6th and final season, the show showed that it still has a lot of stories to tell.

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Lucifer: How was part 2 of season 5 of the series?

The season starts right at the end of the last episode of the first part, when Amenadiel, Michael and Lucifer were fighting between themselves and their father, God himself, appears. This brought a completely different dynamic to the series, putting the family drama into focus. After all, even a family of angels and deities have their problems, don’t they?

But before we go through all this sibling feud and the shocking loss of one of our favorite characters, let’s talk about the long-awaited musical episode. This was a really fun episode, with memorable performances and interesting dynamics, with God himself choosing which songs to portray.

While it might seem like the episode doesn’t connect with Lucifer’s Season 5 plot, there’s no doubt that it was a great chapter.

Back to drama! (And we recommend that you leave the tissue box ready and don’t read on if you don’t want to know who dies in the next few episodes).

God wants his family close again, but there is already a lot of baggage there for everyone to find a balance. However, there is still one issue that must be addressed: God wants to retire and, therefore, his children must decide among themselves who will be his successor.

In the end, the choice is between Michael and Lucifer. And since nothing on the Netflix series is simple, he still needs to help Chloe and Dan with a murder. As Dan follows a lead, he is kidnapped and tortured by criminals who want to discover the whereabouts of a thief with superhuman strength. While trying to escape, Dan is shot and found by Chloe.

Before he dies, he manages to give Chloe a clue as to where Amenadiel’s necklace is. With that, the detective finds out that Michael was responsible for Dan’s murder as a way to force Lucifer back into Hell and he could take on the role of God.

The death of his colleague was the spark for Lucifer to declare a war against his brother. The problem is, during the fight, Michael kills Chloe. She goes to Heaven and, as Lucifer was banished, he couldn’t see her again.

Losing Chloe and Dan came as a shock to the devil and he doesn’t care about himself anymore, so he decides to go to Heaven anyway. Thanks to Lilith’s ring, he survives regardless of the ban, and manages to find Chloe to send her back to Earth. He gives his ring to the detective and dies after revealing his love for her.

On Earth, Chloe attacks Michael and is ready to kill him when Lucifer reappears (yes, it’s hard to keep up with all the deaths and resurrections!). Having survived is an indication of her strength, as this should have been impossible, and all the angels are surprised by this, deciding to bow to him. Lucifer clips Michael’s wings in a shocking denouement. Now, the devil has become God.

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