Lucifer Actor Joining Cast Of New CBS Network Firefighter Drama


Lucifer is the hit drama from streaming platform Netflix that first premiered on the Fox network in 2016. The series became the streamer’s most-watched series in 2021 after the final episodes premiered in September. past. Since then, the actors who brought the show’s memorable characters to life have been embarking on different projects, and Kevin Alejandro is no exception.

Lucifer fans, since the first season, have known detective Dan Espinoza (Alejandro), ex-husband of Chloe Decker (Lauren German), father of little Trixie (Scarlett Stevez) and a rival of Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) for almost the whole series. He unfortunately was killed at the end of the fifth season, but returned in a supernatural way in the last installment.

It’s been a few months since Lucifer came to an end on Netflix, and now, Deadline announced Thursday that Kevin Alejandro has just been tapped to star in the pilot for CBS’ new firefighter series Cal Fire, whose cast is taking shape after incorporating Max Thieriot to the cast with the main character, in addition to being the executive producer.

Joining Kevin Alejandro is Billy Burke, and both will play key roles in Cal Fire, the drama that follows a young convict named Bode Donovan, who seeks redemption and shortens his prison sentence while joining a firefighting program. fires that takes him back to his hometown in Northern California, where he and other firefighters work hard to keep the region safe.

For his part, Burke will get into the role of Vince, Bode’s father in Cal Fire. The character is described as a lovable pessimist who represents the third generation of the firefighting program and the fire chief of the Middletown community. He is also said to be a strong man who has fought many fires over the years and is now unwilling to give up and give in when a fire threatens to destroy the city.

And as for the role of Kevin Alejandro, the former Lucifer actor will play Manny, a proud father and fire captain in charge of the inmates when he’s on the front lines at Cal Fire. According to the description, he is a man who has hard-won wisdom when his life was spiraling out of control before he turned it upside down. The captain sees great potential in Boden until he finds out about his big secret.