Lucifer: 3 curiosities of Tom Ellis on board the Netflix series that few will believe


Season after season, Lucifer seems to have piqued the interest of more and more fans. What many people don’t realize is that the show is much more than what is on the surface; It is based on a book by the wildly popular Neil Gaiman. Plus, it has an amazing cast that gets along like a dysfunctional family.

Even some of the most die-hard fans don’t realize that the show has so much depth and controversy surrounding it. Being a show about the devil essentially taking a vacation from being the devil is sure to get the attention of a lot of people (good or bad). In addition to its controversial history, Lucifer has a lot of fun facts involving the cast, production crew, and even the music that will surprise even loyal fans. All of this can be said thanks to its main star, Tom Ellis.

At the beginning, the actor himself declared himself a comedian and that perhaps questioned that he could so well play the role of the Fox series that he later moved to Netflix. Tom Ellis acknowledges that many fans of the show may not know about him or his work. Appearing on shows like The Catherine Tate Show and Pulling and Miranda, the actor explained that Lucifer was a huge change for him.

“I have worked a lot in comedy. As much as I love playing dramatic roles, it’s always nice to be able to have some humor when I work. It was just different in concept and the character was a different character than a lot of the ones he had been reading. ”

So far all good seems to be the consensus of the fans. They love his portrayal of the graphic novel character and he’s not too bad to look at. Tom Ellis may play Lucifer on a pretty popular show, but at home, nobody cares. During an interview, the actor revealed that his children don’t care who he plays on television.

“My kids are the least impressed with whatever work I do, which is pretty fun, they take a quick look at it and then go on with what they’re doing because it doesn’t really faze them at all.”

Wow, tough people, right? He believes that as a father he is nailing it but that’s it. What a way to kill someone’s ego, especially someone with a profession that thrives on people’s opinions.

Lucifer loves to sing and play the piano at his nightclub, but one has to wonder how much of that is Tom Ellis and how much is a backing track. Apparently, it is all for the actor himself. Before becoming a professional actor, he was a musician. He probably loves that part of his job where he mixes two things that he really enjoys and gets paid for it. The actor has admitted to being a fan of David Bowie, whose music plays a key role in the popular show. Who knows, maybe when Lucifer is done, he will put out an album and tour the world. He wouldn’t be the first celebrity to jump between music and acting.