Lucifer: 10 times when Lucifer and Chloe were the perfect couple


Lucifer: After four seasons of coming and going, Lucifer and Chloe finally made their relationship official in the first half of season 5 of the Netflix series.Although they didn’t act on their feelings until the end of the first part of the fifth season of production, their bond was always at the center of the supernatural drama. Even before they were together, it was obvious how much Lucifer and Chloe loved each other through words and actions.

Check out the ten best moments of the couple in Lucifer!

10. They playing Monopoly with Chloe’s daughter

Chloe’s daughter was a Lucifer fan long before he started dating the girl’s mother. He is usually irritated by Trixie, but it is clear that, deep down, he adores her. He joins the duo on a game night, and everyone has fun.

9. Lucifer jumps in front of an ax for Chloe

Being close to Chloe makes Lucifer so emotionally vulnerable that he loses his healing ability.

Each time they go out into the field, Lucifer is risking his life because he chose to stay close to her. When a suspect throws an ax at her, he pushes Chloe out of the way and almost gets hit.

8. Chloe knew that Michael was not Lucifer

With the exception of Michael’s American accent, it is impossible to tell the difference between him and Lucifer.

Many expected that Chloe would be tricked by Lucifer’s evil twin, but she discovered the truth after seeing Michael kissing Maze. She knew he would never do anything to hurt her and, although it seemed impossible, Chloe had no doubt that Lucifer was not that man.

7. Lucifer goes to hell for her

When Chloe is infected with a deadly poison, doctors are unable to save her. Lucifer makes Maze and Linda stop her heart so that he can go to hell and retrieve the antidote from a doomed soul.

Although there was no guarantee that Lucifer would be revived, he ends up returning to Chloe and saving her life.

6. Chloe loves him despite what he is

Chloe and Lucifer are like a modern version of Beauty and the Beast. The policeman hesitates after discovering that he is the real demon, but ends up accepting him. He reveals his true shape to her, with horns and all, but even so, he doesn’t scare her.

5. Lucifer protects Chloe with his wings

Despite his previous feelings for Chloe, Pierce decides to end his ex-fiance once and for all. A bullet hits her in the chest, and she is knocked out on impact. Pierce orders all his men to kill her.

So, Lucifer does the only thing he can: protect her from the bullets with his wings. These get bloody and beaten, but he doesn’t give up. Although he is screaming in pain, he refuses to let Chloe die.

4. Lucifer helps Chloe to let go

Chloe and Lucifer’s relationship is the definition of “opposites attract”. She is tense and afraid to let her guard down, while he is not even an ounce of shame.

However, she finds herself able to let go when they are together and smiles closer to him than to anyone else.

3. Chloe is the only person he loved

The prophecy stated that “when the devil walks the earth and finds his first love, evil will be released”, but it was not known who Lucifer’s first love would be. He rekindled his relationship with Eva during season 4, and it seemed possible that she was the person of the prophecy.

However, before Lucifer returns to hell, he makes it clear to Chloe that, for all eternity, he has always loved her.

2. Lucifer made a bullet necklace for Chloe

When Lucifer and Chloe meet, she doesn’t understand why he never gets hurt. He asks her to shoot him, which, surprisingly, she does. But, because he is vulnerable around Chloe, the bullet hurts him as it would any normal human being.

On Chloe’s birthday, he makes a necklace out of this bullet and gives it to her as a gift.

1. Chloe lets herself be vulnerable close to Lucifer

Amenadiel reveals a theory to Chloe. He believes that Lucifer is vulnerable close to her because he chose to be. This encourages Chloe to open up to the devil in return.

She goes up to the penthouse to look for him and reveals the depth of her feelings. They kiss for the first time since Lucifer returned from hell, and everything finally seems to be said between them.


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