Lucid is on the agenda with its configuration system


Lucid Motors, the top segment car manufacturer, introduced the Air model. As a Tesla competitor, Lucid came up with virtual reality technology, which is just like games for the vehicle configuration system.

Lucid Motors dazzles with its vehicle configuration system

Lucid Motors, which succeeded in surpassing Tesla with its design, features and range, is preparing to bring its new model to drivers. Raising driving pleasure and safety to the highest level with a total of 32 sensors, Air has a 2nd and 3rd level semi-autonomous driving system.

Despite having a battery capacity of 113 kW, Lucid Air can offer a range of 832 km. With its high range and advanced battery management, it has managed to raise expectations one level. Considering that Tesla is working on a new battery technology, we can say that drivers will use electric vehicles more in the medium term.

The configuration system of the model, which comes up with 4 different versions: Lucid Air, Lucid Air Dream, Lucid Air Touring and Lucid Air Grand Touring, is just like games. Mercedes-Benz has a similar system, but does not have as advanced features as the Lucid.

After the customer designs the vehicle with the desired features, he can save the file in the Lucid profile and view it with VR devices. Thanks to the advanced experience areas that the company wants to create in the US market, employees will be able to upload the configuration created by the customers to VR systems and improve the user experience in this context.


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