Lucid Air beats Tesla Model S in new speed test


The test model of the three-engine Lucid Air electric sedan surpassed the Tesla Model S Plaid prototype, taking a lap of just 1.33 minutes on the Laguna Seca race track in California. The last record was set by the Tesla vehicle, which reached about 1.36 minutes to travel the track. Like its rival, the Model S in question was equipped with a tri-motor system.

The Lucid Air was officially launched on Wednesday night (16), with the promise of being the most technological car of today and displacing the position of Tesla that, for some years, is considered the biggest reference in electric cars. According to Forbes data for July, the brand surpassed rival Toyota in the stock market to become the most valuable in the segment with $ 209.4 billion.

Lucid Motors expects to surpass Tesla not only in technology, but also in performance and speed. The new record represents another step towards that goal and it is possible that Lucid Air will be even faster, according to those responsible for the YouTube channel The KillWatts, who released images of the test.

“Our timer recorded a conservative 1:33 on this lap and it is very possible that other laps were faster”, says the video description. Lucid Air still stands out with the greatest autonomy among its rivals. According to the automaker, he it is capable of covering 810 km on a single charge due to its 110 kWh battery.

Electric car lovers are eyeing the automaker, which is soon due to launch another version of the sedan with a tri-engine system, over 1,200 hp and some design changes.

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