Lucasfilm Games is the new producer of Star Wars games


When Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2013, one of its first steps was to end the activities of the late game producer LucasArts, responsible for launching the official Star Wars games, Indiana Jones, in addition to the acclaimed PC adventures of the 1980s and 90s .

Its employees were relocated and EA ended up buying the exclusive rights to develop Star Wars games until 2023, without the need for an own label by Disney to assist in the operation. But that changed today with the announcement of the new Lucasfilm Games brand!

Or rather, not so new, as Lucasfilm Games was the old name of LucasArts, as we explained in this 2019 text, when the first news came that the brand was about to return.

While EA still holds the rights to develop Star Wars games, all releases in the franchise are now part of the Lucasfilm Games label. Check out the new trailer released today that highlights the titles that are part of its catalog:

Is there a Star Wars character or saga that you would like to see as a Lucasfilm Games game? What did you think of the return of this brand? Comment below!


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