Lucario in Pokémon Unite, Best Builds; Attacks, Items


Pokémon Unite: We tell you the best builds for Lucario in Pokémon Unite: Battle Items, Held Items, statistics and more powerful combos to blow up games If you are passionate about Lucario and you want to race Pokémon Unite games with this fighter, you are in the right place. He is a difficult character to control, but with incredible potential that can turn the tables of any calving if he is well equipped. Therefore, and as part of our complete guide, we bring you the best build for this All-Rounder.

Lucario’s move set

Lucario is a melee fighter with physical attacks, so choosing carefully which attacks to use and how to combine them with each other is essential for him to be able to do large amounts of damage. At the moment, there is an ideal combination that, thanks to its synergies, allows us to have a lot of burst with this pokémon:

Power-up Punch + Bone Rush. This is currently the ideal attack combination for Lucario as Bone Rush resets the Power –up Punch CD. This allows him to multiply the damage he deals with a single combo, gives him mobility to reposition himself, and also has synergy with his Unite Move, Aura Cannon.


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