LPBW: Why Matt shares rare photos of children amid Feud with Zach


Matt Roloff is trying to show fans of Little People, Big World that everything is fine with his other children amid a feud with his son Zach Roloff. Viewers found out about the problem when the two stars said they had quarreled while discussing the family farm. Now Matt is trying to prove that he is on stable ground with the rest of his children.

For TLC fans, Matt has always been a unique character in “Little People, Big World” because of his fantastic thinking. Matt created the Roloff Farm as a shelter for his children and made them unique toys. It was not noticed that Matt was often difficult to get along with because of his stubbornness. Matt often stuck to his ideas and didn’t take “no” for an answer. In turn, this trait of character forced him to fight an uphill battle, leaving many members of his family on the sidelines.

Matt recently made a trip to Spokane, Washington, where he visited with his daughter Molly Sylvius. Matt and Amy’s only daughter has taken a big step back from “Little People, Big World” since 2012 and is living a quieter life. It came as a surprise to fans when she recently appeared in Matt’s Instagram feed. While viewers praised Matt for the cute photo, no one noticed that he might have been trying to annoy Zach. Matt used to write about his beloved grandson Jackson, but since the family moved, he had to post messages about other family members.

Fans of Little People, Big World found out that Zack and Matt couldn’t come to an agreement when it came to selling Roloff Farm. Zach was finally ready to commit to buying the main house and land, but Matt didn’t lower the price. The elder Roloff felt that everyone was using him so that his father could earn some money. Instead, Zach and his wife Tori Roloff decided to move their family an hour away to the Battlefield, Washington. Now the father and son duo rarely talk, and it doesn’t look like they plan to solve their problems anytime soon.

Many fans of “Little People” and “Big World” blame Matt for the discord in the family. As a father, he had to learn to talk to his son like an adult. Instead, he left Zack no choice but to move. Recently, Zach called his relationship with Matt “toxic” and admitted that he rarely talks to his father after an argument. While Matt may be trying his best to show that he’s not confused, fans could see that the patriarch was only trying to distract attention from the feud by posting other photos.


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