Lower price of Nintendo Switch Joy-Con in Japan


The Japanese company applies a permanent discount to the individual price of its detachable Nintendo controllers. Only in Japan.

Nintendo has reduced the sale price of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers in Japan. The Japanese company thus applies the first reduction in the official RRP of each individual unit of the console’s detachable controllers since it went on sale in March 2017. The information, advanced by Japanese Nintendo, indicates that the price of each Joy- With separately it becomes 16.5% lower, from 4,480 yen plus tax to 3,740 yen plus tax; that is, from about 36 euros to 30 euros, in the absence of adding the tax burden.

The new price will be applied from November 6 in all the colors currently available in the country of the Rising Sun: gray, neon red, neon blue, neon yellow, neon green, red and neon pink. At the moment, no details have been disclosed about a possible discount, neither temporary nor permanent, of the price of Joy-Con controls for the rest of the world.

The Joy-Con, subject of debate for their ‘drift’ problems

The so-called ‘Joy-Con drift’ has been a recurring problem in the current design of controls for the hybrid console. Despite having recognized the existence of this problem, hundreds of players continue to share samples of a problem on social networks that, in essence, involves the involuntary, automatic movement of the joystick (usually left). Currently, Nintendo is facing several disputes to state its position and see to what extent consumers should be compensated for this problem.

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Back in June, the current president of Nintendo, Shuntaro Furukawa, officially apologized for this ‘Joy-Con drift’, the solution of which is currently unknown. At MeriStation we explain how to clean the inside of the controls in this tutorial.

Although Nintendo has not announced any revision for the Joy-Con, the company itself has patented a new controller design that would be independent of the console; No rails to attach and detach from the console chassis.


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