Lower Deck Med’s Hannah Ferrier Recalls Her “Weird” Encounter With Rachel Hargrove Before the Austin Kroll Feud


An unexpected crossover Under Deck. After Rachel Hargrove’s public feud with Austin Kroll, Hannah Ferrier spoke about her meeting with the chef.

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“I actually had my own experience with her on social media, which I found very strange,” the 35—year-old “Under the Deck of the Mediterranean” alum told Page Six on Tuesday, August 23.

Ferrier recalled arguing with 39-year-old Hargrove over a tweet she made in April 2021. “Do Americans know what mangroves are?” a message on the social network read, to which the “Under Deck” star replied: “I’ve also grown up with them all my life… I’m curious [so in the original], why is she asking all these questions about Americans?”

The native of Australia, for her part, noted that Hargrove explained to the fan that she was not trying to “prick” anyone. For Ferrier, online communication has left her unsure of where she is with the Florida native.

“It’s not stupid. We’re just from different countries. So I found it really strange because, especially nowadays, to kind of hint that I’m taking an entire country from where all my supporters are from and calling them stupid on the Internet is quite a stretch,” she added. Tuesday.

Earlier this year, Hargrove made headlines when she insulted 35-year-old Kroll on social media. “Greetings to the most narcissistic [SIC] cunt on @BravoTV,” she tweeted in response to an article about the “Southern Charm” star.

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In recently deleted tweets, Hargrove showed a screenshot of Kroll trying to question her behavior. She also noted that her problems with the businessman arose because of an incident that occurred on NBC Upfronts in May.

Hargrove later said she had no plans to continue working with Bravo. In the same month, she tweeted “F-k Below Deck,” adding that she would no longer “contact [sic]” with “organizations” in which she “does not believe.”

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On the eve of Hargrove’s public statements, the TV presenter broke her approach to feuds with colleagues. “For me, resentment means that I really have to take care and attach importance to this issue or this person. I don’t know,” she told Us Weekly exclusively in October 2021 after previously bumping into Eddie Lucas. “Besides, if you work in restaurants and kitchens, my behavior is no different from any other. It’s just a little stressed.”


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