Lovecraft Country: Dark skin outlook for the series


Actress Kelli Amirah took advantage of her profiles on TikTok and Twitter to tell about the experience of having her skin darkened to appear in an episode of HBO’s Lovecraft Country. Amirah was cast to play the youngest version of one of the characters. When makeup artists started working with her, the actress remembers hearing them comment on how her skin was lighter than that of the actress who would play the younger version.

According to makeup artists, the physical and facial characteristics perfectly matched the actress, but her skin tone did not. Then, Kelli Amirah realized that the base used on her was darker, leaving her face, neck and hands several shades above the natural of her skin.

I’ve been getting a lot of very valid critiques for my complacency in allowing Lovecraft Country to darken my skin as a photo double for some set photography briefly featured in an episode. It’s uncomfortable but it’s not wrong. I was weak and complacent in that moment.

– Ffrenchie thee (slim) Stallion? (@TheKelliAmirah) March 6, 2021

HBO said she was disappointed with what happened in Lovecraft Country

This Monday (8), HBO released a statement talking about what happened. “This should not have happened and we are taking steps to prevent it from happening again in the future,” said the producer. Still in a note, they declared to be disappointed with the creative team responsible for the characterization of the actresses.

Amirah’s role was brief in the series. She would take a photo that would be part of the episode. Still, the actress won her own trailer on the set of recordings and her makeup was done alongside some of the stars of the series.

In the TikTok video, the actress said she felt extremely uncomfortable with the color of her makeup and took the opportunity to show the photos of her skin in the natural tone and how she got to work on the series. In addition, she also told about how she quickly returned to the makeup trailer to ask for makeup removers, since she didn’t want to leave the set that way.


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