Love & Thunder secretly introduced a weapon as powerful as Thor’s Mjolnir

Attention: spoilers for the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder”
Marvel’s Hercules is revealed in “Thor: Love and Thunder” and secretly presents such a powerful weapon as Mjolnir. Although the Marvel cinematic universe is currently full of powerful relics, Mjolnir is still considered one of his strongest weapons. Both the hammer and the Thunderbolt have great power and have served the Thunder God well in battle.
After the death of Jane Foster, the heroine of Natalie Portman, Thor now owns both types of weapons of Asgard. As a result of the finale of Thor: Love and Thunder, Thor can wield either a hammer or an axe when he makes his inevitable return to the MCU. Regardless of whether it’s Avengers 5 or Thor 5, it looks like Thor will use at least one of these weapons to protect himself from Hercules. Performed by Brett Goldstein, the Lion from Olympus was instructed by Zeus to track down the god of thunder in the scene after the credits of the film “Thor: Love and Thunder”.
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The frame, which featured Hercules from the MCU, showed a surprisingly precise design, complemented by his trademark golden mace from Marvel comics. The mace, which debuted alongside Hercules in his first fight with Thor in Journey Into Mystery Annual #1, has been described by Marvel Comics as a weapon on par with Mjolnir himself. Forged by the Greek god known as Hephaestus, the golden mace consists of the Olympic equivalent of uru metal, adamantine. He has no real powers like Mjolnir, but he is made entirely of one of the most durable metals in the entire Marvel universe, making him capable of harming any character he encounters.
Will Hercules be able to defeat Thor in the MCU with a Golden Mace?
The golden mace may be the key to Hercules being able to stand up to Thor when they finally engage in battle in the MCU. The numerous battles they have participated in over the years show that Thor and Hercules are equal in terms of physical strength. The problem, however, is that Thor’s lightning power gives him a slight advantage in combat, since Hercules doesn’t have any additional abilities. That’s where the golden mace is likely to come into play. Comics have proven that while adamantium (the metal that Wolverine’s claws are made of) can bend under the force of Mjolnir’s blows, adamantium weapons can easily resist and counter the might of Mjolnir. With the mace, Hercules must even the odds when their battle begins.
The mace is not as important to the comic story of Hercules as Mjolnir is to Thor, and it is always with him, but it will definitely be on hand when the two gods clash in the future MCU. Despite Hercules’ status as one of the strongest characters in Marvel comics history, he may still need a golden mace to compensate for the power of Thunderer or Mjolnir. Thanks to the Thor: Love and Thunder setup, the door is now open for an exciting fight between Thor and Hercules in the MCU.