Love & Thunder Clip shows the Mighty Powers of Thor Portman (and the catch phrase)


In the brand new video “Thor: Love and Thunder” Jane demonstrates her superpowers and even gets a catch phrase. In about two weeks, Marvel Studios will release its second 2022 film starring Chris Hemsworth and directed by Taika Waititi. This is the couple’s second collaboration in the MCU after “Thor: Ragnarok” in 2017, and this time they were joined by Natalie Portman, who officially returns to the franchise for the first time since “Thor: Kingdom of Darkness” in 2014.

Having survived the events of the Infinity Saga, Thor embarks on a new journey in the fourth phase of the MCU. Having handed over the ruling duties of the Valkyrie, the God of Thunder joins the Guardians of the Galaxy in a space adventure, experiencing the trauma of the last few years. his life. But in “Thor: Love and Thunder,” he’s not the only one who takes on the image of a superhero; his ex-girlfriend Jane Foster becomes the Mighty Thor and owns a reconstructed Mjolnir. How this happens is still unclear, but while it’s reserved for the movie itself, Marvel Studios teases what to expect from Foster as a superhero.

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Tessa Thompson got into Jimmy Kimmel Live! (via Thor: Love and Thunder News) to promote Thor: Love and Thunder, and she debuted a brand new clip from the movie. In the video, Thor, Valkyrie, Korg and Jane discuss the plans of Gorr, the butcher god, and ways to deal with him. Eager to use her newfound superpowers, Jane enthusiastically implements her idea, flying away on Mjolnir.

Jane’s return to Thor: Love and Thunder is one of the earliest confirmed details of the film, and that’s a good thing. Instead of hiding the character in marketing, Disney and Marvel Studios can fully use her in a blockbuster advertising campaign. Instead of talking about whether Portman is involved or not, the discussions mostly focused on where she has been in the last few years and how she is becoming a Mighty Thor, which is objectively a more interesting topic. Judging by this clip, it seems that Christian Bale’s monochrome scene “Gorr, the Butcher God”, which is widely used in the full-length trailer, precedes this entire fragment. Given the mention of the City of Omnipotence, it is safe to assume that the group will go next time to see Russell Crowe’s Zeus.

It’s nice to see that Jane is enthusiastic about becoming a superhero. Somehow, this reflects Portman’s thoughts on how the character was originally used in the MCU— in fact, he was Thor Hemsworth’s assistant and lover. Now she herself has superpowers that give her more opportunities. It’s unclear what lies ahead for her after “Thor: Love and Thunder,” but beyond the fact that her story is unfolding, it will also be interesting how Thor reacts to having to share the superhero mantle with his ex-girlfriend, especially after his Fat Thor phase in Avengers: Finale.