Love & amp; The transformation of the Mighty Thor into Thunder threatens a hole in the plot of the endgame


Jane Foster’s transformation into the Mighty Thor in the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder” risks creating a plot hole in “Avengers: Finale” for Captain America. Natalie Portman returns to the Marvel Cinematic universe for the first time in almost a decade as part of Phase 4. After not having a better role to play before, “Thor: Love and Thunder” reinvents Jane Foster by taking a page from the comics and making her the Mighty Thor. All the hints about her in the film were pretty exciting, but her story may also have a bigger impact than originally thought.

The details of Jane Foster’s story “Thor: Love and Thunder” confirmed that she became a Powerful Thor after she received powers from the restored Mjolnir. It is not known exactly how Thor’s magic hammer is restored again after Hela destroyed it, but Jane Foster will see the benefits of this in many ways. As powerful as she is as the Mighty Thor, it is also confirmed that “Thor: Love and Thunder” includes Jane Foster’s cancer storyline. This is an integral part of her transformation into Thor in the comics, as Mjolnir’s powers transform her physical body, making it look like a god, and erase the chemotherapy in her blood, making her human cancer body even weaker.

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After seeing a few glimpses of Jane Foster’s ripped physique from Asgard in Thor: Love and Thunder, the inclusion of the cancer storyline indicates that the MCU is also physically transforming Jane Foster. However, this raises the main question for “Avengers: Finale”: why didn’t Mjolnir also physically change Captain America? KVM has long teased the effects of Mjolnir’s changing appearance, when Thor’s armor constantly appears from the hammer. Now if┬áLove and Thunder will discover that people other than Thor can be physically transformed by Mjolnir’s powers, this will create a hole in the plot of Avengers: Finale as to why Captain America’s appearance did not change at all after he raised the hammer.

There are many possible explanations that Thor can give: Love and Thunder. The film can explain that Mjolnir’s powers turn a person into the best physical shape. This could explain why Captain America’s appearance hasn’t changed, since the super soldier serum flowing through his veins has already ensured this. If the MCU really wanted to surprise the audience, “Thor: Love and Thunder” could even show that Captain America’s super soldier serum has some Asgardian properties, which means that Steve Rogers is partially Asgardian.

With several potential ways to understand the transformation of the Mighty Thor in “Thor: Love and Thunder” and Captain America’s lack of one in “Avengers: Finale,” the real question is whether the MCU will solve it. Kevin Feige and the rest of the team┬áMarvel Studios can provide viewers with an opportunity to figure out how these two different Mjolnir experiences might work. This won’t be the first time Captain America’s interaction with the hammer has been called into question, as there is still debate about whether he is worthy of raising Mjolnir in The Avengers.: Age of Ultron”. Be that as it may, the ties of “Thor: Love and Thunder” with “Avengers: Finale” are now stronger.