Love: The “love scam” is spreading on dating sites!


What is this “love scam” that has been spreading for some time on dating sites? We reveal everything to you!

More and more dating users are falling victim to a “romance scam”! But what is it ?

Between confinements, curfews and the closing of bars and clubs, it’s not easy to meet new people! Even less to find love.

Indeed, singles have not had much luck this year. In fact, a large number of French people admit to having a feeling of extreme loneliness!

But many still have been able to rely on dating sites to find a soul mate. Or at least try the experience of virtual romance.

However. In this jungle of singles, some malicious people take advantage of the vulnerability of singles to scam them! Indeed, for several years we have been witnessing an emergence of what is called the famous “love scam”.

This romance scam is spreading more and more on the internet. The Presse-Citron website specifies that this phenomenon has become even more widespread in recent months.

Particularly because of the fact that more and more singles frequent dating sites. A boon for web crooks!

Recently, a fifty-something from Nontron, in Dordogne, was therefore the victim of this scam. The man was extorted for no less than 1,500 euros! This heart to take thought it had found love.

Moreover, this is not an isolated case. But the sum, however large it may be, remains lower than in other cases! Some victims have indeed lost 42,000 to 3 million euros at times!

Love: The “love scam” is spreading on dating sites!


If we say that love has no price, it seems to have a cost for some! But how do these crooks get their way?

The scammer will first establish a bond of trust with his victim. The grazer will therefore seduce his interlocutor by making him spark a virtual love story.

For this he will use fake photos, with a description invented from scratch to complete his profile. The Capital media reveals that some even go so far as to learn a Wikipedia page of a region to believe they are from there.

Once the victim has gained confidence, the crook will implement a whole strategy to steal his money. Very often, he will therefore ask his victim to help him with a particular purchase. By promising of course to reimburse it!

The Dordogne man was fooled by “a woman” who asked him for 50 euros here and there. She will end up asking him to pay her 1,500 euros!

To reassure him, the alleged woman will pay him 3,000 euros via prepaid cards without a bank account. 1,500 euros for the reimbursement and 1,500 euros because the “woman” is in the painting business and wants to “launder her money”.

Only there you go, this money from another victim of this love scam! The account owner filed a complaint and was able to get his money back. As for the 50-year-old from Dordogne, he found himself trapped! No way out for him.


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