Love: the gifted would have a harder time falling in love!


Would it be much more difficult to be happy in love when you are gifted? We give you more details! Do the gifted have more trouble finding love?

It is becoming very difficult to find your soul mate these days. But for some the task seems to be even more complicated!

While it is true that we are all looking for love, for part of the population this can become a real headache. In fact, among the gifted, questions about romantic relationships can lead to fatalistic conclusions!

Monique de Kermadec spoke to the Huffington Post about this. Psychologist and specialist in the gifted on their relationship to love, she explains that the latter may encounter more difficulties than the rest of the population.

Thus, the gifted will experience certain difficulties because of the way he looks at the world around him. Moreover, they are very often aware of their difference.

“It is influenced by the way they interpret, understand others and what is happening around us,” explains the specialist. They are therefore hypersensitive or extremely quick in their thinking.

Sometimes they will be very demanding with themselves but also with their relatives! So those who will cross their path will be confused.

Conversely, the gifted can get bored very quickly if he is around people who do not share his patients. So whether they are introverts or extroverts, they are people described as “intense”. Even in love and friendship!


How are the gifted in love? Well, they are very attentive and generous lovers.

But they are also real energy balls! This can therefore become very tiring for their partner and their loved one.

Thus, the gifted will rather find love in the arms of gifted like them. Indeed, they can form incredible duets!

They will thus be better able to manage crises than ordinary people. Thus, their need to understand pushes them to communicate more. And there’s no need to reiterate how important communication is in any relationship.

But there is no silver bullet! Indeed, the gifted will be very demanding. Both with their loved one and with themselves.

“This desire to get from others what you want for yourself can sometimes be a burden on a relationship,” explains Monique de Kermadec. The gifted will also seek the sharing of values ​​and complicity with their partner.

“Without this sharing of values ​​or complicity, the gifted can develop interests that will exclude the other and put the couple in danger” adds the expert. In fact, when two gifted people form a couple, their expectations do not decrease!

They can just as easily create great frustration when the two people see the world in different ways. Monique de Kermadec therefore decided to write “The Gifted and Love” to allow the gifted to better understand themselves and others to better understand their partner.


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