The love story of Tini Stoessel and Sebastián Yatra


Sebastián and Tini lived great moments together since they met, their love story is unique.

Latino stars represented one of the most beloved couples in the world. This is the love story of Tini Stoessel and Sebastián Yatra .

Sebastián and Tini began to communicate through messages to agree on a collaboration , since they both enjoy making music, it seemed like a good idea to join their talents and develop a track full of rhythm for their fans.

So the Colombian and the Argentinean worked on ‘ Ya No Hay Nadie Que Nos Pare’, a song included on Tini’s album called ‘Quiero Volver’ . The first time they saw each other was to record the official video of their collaboration , the chemistry flourished instantly.

The clip of ‘ There is Nobody Left to Stop Us’ was released on January 19, 2017 , fans identified the attraction of Sebastián and Tini, so the rumors of a relationship were immediate.

Shortly after Tini began her ‘Got Me Started’ tour, the singer invited Sebastián Yatra to join her new project and the singer accepted, they lived together for months, their friendship relationship grew stronger, but the singer maintained a loving relationship. with the Pepe Barroso model .

Sebastián Yatra and Tini Stoessel recorded the song ‘Quiero Volver’ in 2018 , the Argentine singer broke up with her boyfriend and later Tini and Sebastián collaborated on a new track, now for an album by the Colombian.

‘ Cristina ‘ was released on March 21, 2019 , the same date that Tini celebrates her birthday , the melody is part of the album ‘ Fantasía ‘, the lyrics of the song had some clues that the public did not miss, such as : ‘You 19, I 20’, which was the age of the stars when they met.

The rumors of a love relationship again emerged, in that same year in April Yatra appeared to give a concert at the Argentine recital Luna Park in the city of Buenos Aires, the surprise of the night was a duet with Tini , at the end of the presentation Sebastián stole a kiss from Tini and then they hugged.

In June some cameramen captured romantic moments of the couple in different cities. Both singers posted photos on Instagram to inform their fans that they were dating with loving messages .

The young couple always showed his love in his post social networking, in its many interviews and activities always spoke of the affection that had admirable and it was the work of the other. Billboard talked a little bit at that time with Tini Stoessel and she declared that they were super they are super united and they had a special complicity to do things together.

Unfortunately Tini Stoessel and Sebastián Yatra decided to end their relationship, the Argentine singer revealed today through a statement that they had decided to part on good terms.


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