Love Revolution, the next romantic drama


The K-Drama Love Revolution will have a unique love story that will catch you. The next premieres in the world of drama continue to surprise us with new stories and interesting proposals. If you are looking for a school love story, Love Revolution will be the ideal drama for you.

The story of this drama will be an adaptation of the webtoon with the same name and it tells the experiences of a group of students who learn about love and friendship as part of their daily lives.

Love Revolution revolves around Gong Ju Young, a lovable student who meets Wang Ja Rim and discovers what love at first sight is. However, this girl’s personality will complicate things for Ju Young, as unlike him, Ja Rim is a cold and quite popular girl.

Despite having a cheerful and sweet personality, Ju Young won’t hesitate to show her feelings and loyalty throughout the episodes, will she manage to get closer to Ja Rim and have a romance by her side?

The drawings and witty dialogues of Love Revolution in its webtoon version made it a popular plot among readers, so there has been a special interest in the K-Drama that will take up this story.

Regarding the cast, Park Ji Hon, who was one of the members of the group WANNA ONE, will play Ju Young. The female lead role will go to Lee Ruby, while The Boyz’s Younghoon will also be part of the story.

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