Love Or A PS5? ‘Experiment’ Goes Viral On TikTok


PS5: A video is going viral on TikTok for a very curious reason: a lot of people seem to prefer owning a PlayStation 5 than finding great love.

The result of the “research” was found — or staged, since we’re talking about a video clearly made to go viral on the social network — by influencer Panda Boi, who took to the streets to find out what strangers think about the matter.

With PlayStation 5, PS5 Digital Edition, DualSense controller and even PlayStation 4 boxes at its feet, the tiktoker held a sign that said “Love or PlayStation”. Gradually, different people passed by the boy and clearly opted for the Sony video game, grabbing the boxes without ceremony, as you can see below.

To the sound of Lonely, Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco, Panda Boi shows a sad face when he realizes that all the boxes – probably empty – were taken away. In the end, the young man throws the sign to the ground, desolate.

With more than 9.9 million followers on the platform, the boy has already achieved almost 950,000 views with this video on TikTok alone. On YouTube, the result was even better: short, just 22 seconds long, has already been shown more than 27.3 million times on Google streaming.

Real or not, Panda Boi’s recording appears to be part of a series of Christmas-themed videos. In other publications, the boy appears asking similar questions, questioning whether people prefer love or PCs, iPhones and money.