Love Island USA: Why Isaiah may leave Sydney for a new bomb


On Love Island in the USA, Isaiah Campbell may have a wandering eye, as two new female bombshells have arrived, and one of them may take the place of Sydney Pate. When he showed up at the villa on the first day, Isaiah chose Sydney after the islander eagerly approached him. The two quickly connected, but soon problems began in paradise. Sydney proved that she is quite jealous and insecure, and although the goal of the game is to meet people on the island, she did not want Isaiah to develop connections with other women. She didn’t like it when he messed with Valerie Bragg, and she cried several times because of the male islander.

However, Sydney didn’t think there was anything wrong with getting to know some of the other guys from Love Island USA herself. In fact, she didn’t even bother to tell Isaiah about her kiss with Andy Voyen, leaving him completely stunned when Andy chose her during the reunion. This prompted Isaiah to choose Madi McLanahan, but Sydney broke down again when she found out that Isaiah had kissed his new partner in bed. They have since reconciled, but in episode 14, two new islanders joined the villa. Unfortunately for Sydney, they are both interested in Isaiah.

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While the relationship between Isaiah and Sydney has settled down and they seemed focused on staying true to each other for the rest of the season, Isaiah may change his mind as new bombshells Katherine Rose and Najah Day have arrived. Isaiah was chosen to cook dinner for Katherine and dessert for Naji. On a date with Catherine, when asked if he was interested in meeting other people on the island, he replied “yes.” Since he got to know Valerie so quickly, despite how much it hurt Sydney, it wouldn’t be surprising if he did the same with the new bombs. Sidney watched Isaiah and Catherine’s date and felt envious, but that didn’t stop Isaiah from smiling at the new beauty sitting across the table from him. Although Isaiah’s date with Najah has not been broadcast yet, it is likely that he will get along well with her too, which gives Sydney two reasons to worry.

In the preview for the 15th episode, Nadia admitted that she was attracted to Isaiah, and Sydney’s partner reproached her for getting to know other people. Because of their complicated past and problematic behaviors, it is likely that he will not remain faithful and will look for other options. The drama also seems to follow the love triangle between Zeta Morrison, Timmy Pandolfi and Bria Bryant, which recently ended with the original couple getting back together. The couple grew stronger from the first episode, but Timmy felt that he should not tie himself up, since he has the opportunity to meet other people on the island. Although he inevitably returned to Zeta, the time of their separation was difficult for both of them. The same scenario seems to be on the horizon for Isaiah and Sydney.

It seemed that the couple legitimized their relationship when they spent the night in a shelter on Love Island in the USA. However, that was before Katherine and Nadia shook things up. Isaiah and Sydney haven’t been faithful to each other in the past, so there doesn’t seem to be any reason why Isaiah wouldn’t start repeating old patterns of behavior. Men on Love Island in the USA seems to be more attracted to new bombs than other people, so Isaiah can try with one of them before another islander can snatch them. Be that as it may, Sydney may soon spend the night alone in her bed at the villa.


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