Love Island, UK: 8 best romances in the ranking


The new season of Love Island UK premiered on ITV on June 6, 2022, and fans are looking forward to its next release on Hulu. However, not only because of all the “inoculation”, romance and romance interrupted by Casa Amor. Fans all agree that one of the best aspects of this reality show is the friendship that forms over the course of the season, with some of the funniest (and sometimes most touching) of them being the bromances. While these men are technically competing with each other, some have managed to never let a woman interfere with their relationship or even help each other pursue their romantic interests.

Some of these romances were unforgettable and lasted much longer than their time on the island. Almost all of these men turned out to be finalists in their seasons, speaking out to find out how much their fans love them. Some faced controversy because viewers doubted their authenticity. For others, “Love Island” was the first of many joint projects.

Scott and Nathan: Season 2

Starting with the comeback, Scott Thomas and Nathan Massey were bromances before the producers focused on the platonic relationship between the Islanders. The two made it this far: Nathan won the season paired with Cara De La Hoyde, and Scott finished third paired with Kady McDermott.

Everyone wrote sentimental poems for their partners, and when it came time for the challenge, where the girls made clay models of their guys’ penises, Nathan mercilessly teased Kara about her Scott model. According to r/LoveIsland, the two remained friends after they left the villa, although Nathan and Kara’s friendship was brighter and perhaps even stronger, which made this bromance a little less memorable than the others.

Toby and Teddy: Season 7

A later couple witnessed by fans, Toby Aromolaren and Teddy Soares, had a bromance that blossomed after Teddy entered the villa on day 12. Toby was outgoing and silly, while Teddy was calm and sweet — the two balanced each other well. Teddy listened as Toby talked about his struggle trying to choose between actors Chloe Burrows and Abigail Rowling, while Toby stayed with Teddy despite his quarrels with Teddy’s last partner, Faye Winter.

Fans were rooting hard for both of these men, as they were looking for real romantic connections and maintained their hassle-free brom with each other. They even taught each other; Toby instilled confidence in Teddy, and Teddy helped Toby become more mature. They continued to date after the show, and last month Toby posted a photo of them with the caption “TSquared2”.

Tommy and Curtis: Season 5

One of the most famous friendships on Love Island, Tommy Fury and Curtis Pritchard have been like two drops of water since they entered the villa together at the height of the first day, right after the first ten were introduced and paired up.

The two did everything together: confided, hugged, even kissed during the hilarious moment when Curtis confessed his platonic love. After the season, they even had an additional show on ITV, where they switched jobs, called “Boxer and Ballroom Dancer”. Unfortunately, there was a drama after the show, because of which they broke off their relationship, plus the fans had a premonition that their bromance was staged between the producers in an attempt to reproduce the real friendship of the past. Although Curtis said in a 2020 interview that Tommy has since “passed him by,” the memory of how clean and supportive their relationship was inside the villa remains strong.

Aaron and Hugo: Season 7

Aaron Francis and Hugo Hammond were a strong duo in the last season. Hugo was an islander who felt like he was stuck in the ladies’ friend zone forever, but he really appreciated his friendship with Aaron. He even started crying when Aaron and Lucinda Strafford were eventually kicked off the island before him, calling Aaron his “best friend.” Fans were disappointed with Hugo and Aaron’s chaotic decisions separately throughout the season, but they enjoyed watching their interactions with each other and how they always supported each other when the drama was happening.

They have also been “best friends” since the show, appeared together in numerous interviews and often hung out with Sharon Gaffka. It says a lot about their romance, considering they’ve both been with Sharon at different points on the island, but it seems like there’s no third wheel in this trio.

Wes, Josh and Jack F.: Season 4

This trio, consisting of Wes Nelson, Josh Denzel and Jack Fowler, was an iconic company, always noisy and always fun. The founders of the “Do Bits Society”, these guys were clearly having a great time together at the villa, coming up with code words to describe the actions they were doing with their respective partners, and supporting each other all the time.