Love Island in the UK: why fans turned away from Davide San Clemente

The participant of the eighth season of “Love Island” from the UK, Davide Sanclimenti, lost popularity among fans because of his comments about islander women. 27-year-old Davide was the first “bomb” to enter the villa, and he impressed other islanders with his beautiful appearance. However, it quickly became obvious to the audience that the “Italian stallion” has too big an ego.
During the season, an affair began between Davide and his accomplice Ekin-Su Kuldzhuloglu. At one point, the duo had an explosive argument after Ekin-Soo decided to attack another islander, Jay Younger. As a result, Davide’s ego suffered greatly. The situation escalated into a conflict when Davide scolded the Turkish actress in front of other islanders. Later, fans’ favorites Ekin-Su and Davide crossed paths again and tried to reconcile. Many fans thought that Ekin-soo revealed David’s funny and cute character traits.
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However, the revived flame of the couple did not have time to flare up properly before the new Casa Amor singles arrived and stirred up the pot. It didn’t take long before Davide established relationships with new women and talked Ekin-Su to other participants. Davide was not the only islander to whom attractive newcomers turned his head. When the men of the villa talked about their interest in Casa Amor singles, Davide angered fans with his comments about another islander, India Polak. India is currently dating Dami Hope, whose head has started to turn to Summer Botwe from Casa Amor. During the men’s conversation, Davide told Dami that Summer was an “upgrade” for India.
After the episode with Davide’s unpleasant comment aired, Reddit user @betterinthesouth created a thread in which he asked the viewers’ opinion about this person. Many fans thought that Davide had been throwing misogynistic remarks all season, especially at Ekin-Su. However, for many, the last comment about India was the last straw. Redditor @CDASH96 said: “A comment he [David] made about India… Now I literally don’t give a damn about him.” Another user, @hotshotgirl23, also expressed his disappointment in David, saying, “I was rooting for him just because of my girlfriend Ekin-Su. I need more for Ekin.” Many fans of Love Island mentioned the general disrespect of the Italian for women, as well as his arrogant and rude attitude. Reddit user @nickiminhaj noted that while Davide may be an unintentionally funny and generally interesting character, he’s just “honestly not a good guy.”
It seems that many viewers are now worried about Davide because of his behavior. Some fans note that problems with Davide’s language barrier can sometimes be the reason for his dubious statements. However, most fans seem to think that, despite the language barrier, the disrespectful tone in his comments is more than obvious. Now that fans are no longer sending Davide and Ekin-Su, it remains to be seen how the scandalous Italiano Davide’s journey to love Island in the UK will continue.