‘Love Is Science?’ Now available on Doramasmp4


Dorama fans, we bring you a new story that you will love! The Taiwanese drama ‘Love Is Science?’ It has just been released, a wonderful novel and a business production. We tell you more about this story for you to see!


Yan Fei, CEO of the Love Science Marriage Agency, often uses big data to help countless single men and women find their best match in life, but when Yan Fei accidentally met her brother next door, who had been in love with her for many years, the handsome ex-husband returned to China to seek reconciliation.

When Xingdong finds love for big data, who is the right person? Will Yan Fei courageously choose the brother of the house next door to make her loved, or will she reunite with her ex-husband, who has personality after facing her? A part of the most romantic healing relationship is the beginning of redemption.

This wonderful production of Taiwanese origin is now available on Doramasmp4 and since it was announced it has attracted attention for its excellent plot and cast. And now that it’s finally released, what are you waiting to see?


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