Love is like cha-cha: Kim Seon Ho announces that this will be the last K-Drama


The last three months have been a true roller coaster of mixed emotions for Kim Seon Ho, just as he was enjoying the success of his latest K-Drama Love is like the cha-cha, which he starred in alongside Shin Min Ah and which ended in October of the year. In the past, her public image was damaged by controversial online allegations by an ex-partner that made her fans fear that her artistic career had come to an end.

Things got worse when rumors began to circulate that two major projects, one dramatic and one film, for which she was almost confirmed had withdrawn her offer for her to be part of the cast. Added to this situation was the withdrawal of support from the advertising brands of which she was the image and her forced exit from the variety show “2 Days & 1 Night” in which she served as a co-host since 2019.

As fans of K-Dramas know, South Korea has one of the most important entertainment industries in the world, but its society is very conservative with strict rules of behavior, that is why any scandal, no matter how small, can affect the career of an actor, singer or celebrity and even end it. Although everything seemed to indicate that this would not be the case for Kim Seon Ho and that he was successfully overcoming the fatal culture of cancellation, a recent decision by the actor has caused great surprise.

Kim Seon Ho decided not to carry out any public or professional activity in the year 2022. Information confirmed by the agency that represents him, SALT, in statements made on January 6 to Star1 magazine. The actor’s temporary separation from the entertainment industry includes K-Dramas, films, new advertising offers and renewing image contracts with current brands, despite the gradual recovery of his image after contradictions were revealed in the accusations in his against.

This means that his last K-Drama until further notice is Love is like the cha-cha and his last formal performance at the moment will be the next film still unreleased Sad Tropic, which began filming last December and whose producers were the The only ones who did not separate him from their plans to include him in the cast at his darkest moment in recent months, especially when he and his director publicly declared their trust in Kim Seon Ho.

Sad Tropic will then become Kim Seon Ho’s debut and farewell to the world of cinema until further notice. It is an action film of the so-called film noir directed and produced by renowned filmmaker Park Hoon Jung, who has previously made famous films including ‘New World’, ‘VIP’ and ‘The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion’ .

It revolves around the personal journey of an aspiring Korean-Filipino boxer who arrives in South Korea in search of his father and, contrary to what had been believed a few months ago, will be played by actor Kang Tae Joo, while Kim Seon Ho Apparently it will be his turn to show himself in a new role that is very dark and different from what his audience is accustomed to, that of a hit man. They will both be joined by actress Go Ara and Kim Kang-Woo.