Love is in the meadow 2021: why farmers don’t get all the mail


Did you know ? The farmers of L’Amour est dans le pré – whose season 16 begins this Monday, August 30, 2021 on M6, do not really receive all the mail sent by their suitors. On the contrary, the production of Karine Le Marchand’s show is obliged to do a gigantic sorting before the shoot in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and meet the demands of certain singles like Vincent, the horse breeder. Go behind the scenes.


Farmers do not receive all mail

After Koh Lanta, The legend on TF1 is Love is in the pre 2021, another essential television program, which is about to make its comeback on M6. Thus, it is this Monday, August 30, 2021 that the first speed-dating of farmers will be broadcast. It’s always a memorable moment on screen, but it’s never easy to organize behind the scenes.

Love is in the pre-2020: Emilie, Charlotte and Florence not tender with the farmers

As Télé-Loisirs reveals, after the distribution of the portraits of the new singles, each time thousands of letters are sent to them. Problem ? All these letters cannot logically be directly brought to the various hearts to be taken at the risk of seeing them struggle to make their selection and find themselves facing malicious people.

A huge sorting prepared in advance

In fact, a tedious sorting is quickly set up by the team of the show in order to avoid unpleasant surprises during the filming. Goal ? “tracking down mythomaniacs” only there for the buzz and “flushing out people who are already in a relationship” in order to get away from possible dramas and not waste participants’ time. Above all, it is imperative to ensure upstream “that the criminal record of the suitors is clean”. It would be a shame to see a farmer find himself face to face with a dangerous person or who will do anything to scam him.

According to the site, this preparation “represents a lot of phone calls” passed to different people and organizations capable of validating profiles, but also “a lot of checks, especially on social networks”. A long and not very encouraging step, but which proves to be effective and “makes it possible to present profiles which are 100% reliable”.

Vincent’s astonishing request

For the anecdote, Vincent – the Provencal player of this new edition, even added an additional task to them during this stage. With Télé 7 jours, he confessed to having received “more than a thousand messages and letters”. A success which he did not expect, “It’s quite incredible. I am flattered, moved, and, at the same time, destabilized”, which therefore motivated him to impose a very special rule: not to know the faces of his suitors.

Yes, the team responsible for sorting their mail was tasked with removing even the smallest photos from the envelopes. “In a photo, it is easy to look like a top model. You just have to put a filter …” confessed this horse breeder. If I made this request, it was mainly to play the game thoroughly and not be influenced by the physical. Even if it is not obvious. It also allowed me to try to identify which person is hiding behind a letter and the words “. Will he regret this choice? Go to M6 to find out.”


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