Love is blind: Why Deepti criticizes trolls for making fun of the nose


When the second season of “Love is Blind” premiered on February 11, 2022, viewers met 31-year-old Deepti Vempati, and she responded to criticism about one aspect of her appearance. During the show, she got engaged to Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee, but said “no” at the altar. While Deepti did participate in the pods, the fans of the show didn’t seem to be talking about it the most.

Unfortunately, fans made some negative comments about Deepti’s appearance, and her then fiance from Love Is Blind also commented on her appearance. Shayk’s remarks were made behind Deepti’s back. Most of all, Deepti is worried about negative comments about her nose. Some fans of the Netflix show don’t like the way her nose looks and aren’t afraid to share their unwanted opinions online. Deepti even went live on social media to address the haters and everything they said about her.

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According to E News, during a live TikTok broadcast with her co-star in the movie “Love is Blind” Kyle Abrams on Sunday, June 5, Deepti said: “Guys, this is my real nose, stop laughing at it.” During this event, she made it clear that her nose is completely natural. She was born with it, and she won’t change her appearance. In her opinion, negative fans need to get used to it, because it’s her face. Then Kyle intervened, saying that if anyone needed a nose job, it was him because of the car accident that Kyle was in. This made Deepti smile briefly before she got back to the business of correcting her haters.

Receiving negative comments about her appearance, Deepti noted that some of the comments are positive, even praising the people who flooded her TikTok live with caring remarks. “Thank you. Oh my God. I have to say that everyone here is so cute,” she said. “Every time someone says something negative, they come for it, and I love you all,” she added. So while Deepti gets a shadow for the way she looks, she doesn’t let it get to her. The star of “Love is blind” does not feel safe, despite the criticism of fans of “Love is blind”.

“Love is Blind” is a show in which people are judged by their personalities, not by their appearance. However, it seems that some people have forgotten the purpose of the series. With the Netflix show running for three more seasons, viewers will have plenty of time to learn more about what the show is trying to say. The series encourages viewers and participants not to judge books by their covers. If they do, they may miss out on a great relationship and experience. After all, some people have found spouses on Love Is Blind and are still with them.