Love is Blind Season 2: Which couples are still together after the series


When season 2 of “Love is Blind” premiered on February 11, 2022, it showed a brand new group of speed dating participants inside the capsules, and it was time to let fans know which couples stayed together. On the show, the actors hoped to get engaged in 10 days without ever seeing their love interests. After the successful first season, fans really wanted to know about the introduction of new members and wondered if any of them would be able to find permanent love.

In the second season of “Love is Blind”, six couples got engaged, without seeing their eyes, in pods. Iyanna McNeely and Jarett Jones, Danielle Rule and Nick Thompson, Natalie Lee and Shane Jansen, Deepti Vempati and Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee, Mallory Zapata and Salvador Perez, as well as Shaina Hurley and Kyle Abrams got engaged. However, only two of these couples are still together after one of the parties said “no” at the altar. Shaina and Kyle didn’t even live to see their wedding day, as Shaina ended the relationship after Kyle met her family.

Of the six couples who got engaged in the capsules, Iyanna and Jarrett, Daniel and Nick are the only couples of the second season who stayed together after saying, “Yes.” Although they had some relationship problems in the series, both duets were able to overcome these problems and stay together after the show. Despite the problems they faced on Love Is Blind, dating in capsules, they were determined to mend their relationship outside of the show.

According to Cheatsheet, Danielle and Nick have openly talked about going to therapy to work on their marriage, with Nick stating, “We’re counseling couples, and we’ve been now, almost all the time since we finished [the show]. We have created a framework for communication. We had to force ourselves to have a few conversations [about] what we really need at the moment, and [worked] to formulate it.”

Iyanna and Jarrett faced some turbulence, as Iyanna didn’t really like the fact that her current husband proposed to Mallory first. He went to her only after his first choice was rejected. However, Iyanna was able to get through it, and the “Love is Blind” couple is still strong today. This proves that everything is possible in pods and beyond.

Despite the fact that most of the “Love is Blind” couples did not stay together, the experiment worked for four couples from season 2. Given the fact that the series was chosen for the third, fourth and fifth seasons of “Love is Blind”, other contenders can find such love as these duets have. However, only time will tell. Fans who want to watch “Love is Blind” before the third season airs can watch the first two seasons on Netflix. Anyone who loves love and drama should definitely watch the series.