Love and Thunder: the best line of each Guardian in the movie


Content Warning: SPOILERS Ahead For Love and Thunder

“Thor: Love and Thunder” crushes the box office as the latest installment of the long-running Marvel cinematic universe, in which Chris Hemsworth and Taika Waititi team up again to give viewers another crazy and colorful journey through different worlds.

“Love and Thunder” is reinforced by the presence of the Guardians of the Galaxy, who begin the film by helping Thor in his rehabilitation after the events of the “Finale”. With Thor in the Guardian team, every member of the space crew has at least one line that will be remembered by the audience long after they leave the theater.

“This is Glenda … We are married”

Kraglin Obfontery (Sean Gunn) joined the Guardians of the Galaxy at the beginning of Love and Thunder, although he is mainly tasked with ensuring the safety of the ship while others embark on their dangerous missions. However, it turns out that he took a wife on every planet the Guardians landed on, adding a woman named Glenda to the growing list of spouses he gathered for himself during his exploits.

This moment provides some much needed insight into Kraglin’s personality after the events Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2. It would seem that the time he spent as the leader of the Reavers only made him more strange, acquiring some very unpleasant habits that make him an exceptionally strange character.

The nebula
“I omit them.”

In Karen Gillan’s “Nebula,” there is one memorable moment among the almost silent cameo in the first act of the film. Having reached the limit with Thor’s new screaming goats climbing onto the ship, she cocks a plasma gun and angrily declares that she is going to put the unpleasant animals out of their misery, only for Thor to barely stop her before she could do it. good at her threat.

Nebula’s indignation over the troubles with Thor’s new goats is completely consistent with what viewers know about her character. Even after her heroic turn after the events of the two previous Avengers films, Nebula is still seething with anger, which can easily be directed at the nearest annoying object.

“*Indeterminate noises*”

To the great surprise of fans, the mantis Pom Klementieff has very few replicas throughout the events Love and thunder. However, her most memorable moment in the film is not related to the dialogues at all, but instead when she tries to whistle, producing an indefinite series of sounds that even Korg admits are far from her intentions.

The Mantis has always been a strange but endearing character, primarily because of strange misunderstandings like this. While some fans may be disappointed by the character’s lack of screen time in her latest adventure, they will surely be satisfied with the screen time allotted to her when Mantis next appears in the long-awaited holiday edition of Guardians of the Galaxy.

“I love them!”

A real chaos begins on the Guardian ship after Thor brings his new screaming domestic goats on board. It seems that every member of the crew extremely despises these two creatures, except Drax. Unlike his compatriots, Drax loudly confesses his love to them, at the same time putting one of them in a headlock.

Dave Batista’s Drax was the highlight of each of his previous appearances in Guardians of the Galaxy, and although he has very little screen time in Love and Thunder, it’s clear that little has changed with the noble warrior. His unbridled enthusiasm for random people and objects remains the same, and fans are even more looking forward to his return in Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 3.

“I am Groot”.

No appearance of the Guardians of the Galaxy would be complete without the beloved sharpness of the tree beast known as Groot. Groot rarely appears with his Guardian teammates during “Love and Thunder,” only croaking his catchphrase once or twice throughout the film.

Despite the fact that Groot appears in only a few scenes, viewers will not have to wait long for the appearance of a fan-favorite character in the Marvel Cinematic universe. In fact, his side series of short films “I am Groot” is scheduled for release on Disney+ in early August.

Rocket Raccoon
“You said this planet would be a relaxing vacation!”

Rocket Raccoon and Thor continue their stormy friendship throughout the time spent together in “Love and Thunder”. Their most memorable scene together involves Rocket angrily accusing Thor of misleading the team into believing their last mission would be a relaxing vacation, when in fact it’s just another brutal mission to fight villains on an alien planet.

Rocket’s trademark sarcasm seeps through his accusations of Thor’s motives, causing him to complain that the Guardians never rest from saving the world. This complaint may indeed continue for the surly raccoon in future films, especially since Rocket is set to star in Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 3.