Love Alarm: Jojo and HyeYeong fall in love in new teaser


Tem Sun Ho or Team HyeYeong? The sequel to Love Alarm will divide the hearts of fans and Kim Jo Jo must choose who she is in love with.

Love Alarm 2 continues to raise expectations for the second season premiere. The drama released new teasers and shows the romantic rapprochement between Kim Jo Jo and Lee Hye Yeong.

Korean entertainment broke a great record with this story starring Song Kang and Kim So Hyun, the series ranked in the Top 10 worldwide of the streaming platform. Since then, its sequel has been one of the most anticipated releases of the year and fans will finally know the outcome of their love triangle.

Through their official social networks, Netflix Korea published a new preview of “Love Alarm 2” , the second season will premiere on March 12. Although the webtoon has already ended, followers hope thatKim Jo Jo can clarify her feelings for Sun Ho and Lee Hye Yeong.

Spoiler alert! If you saw the first season, you will know that we all end up heartbroken just like Sun Ho when the protagonist puts a shield on her alarm to hide her feelings. In the original comic, Kim Jo Jo did stick with Lee Hye Yeong, and the new teaser seems to indicate that the story could be repeated in the drama.


The new teaser released by Netflix shows the relationship between the characters of Kim So Hyun and Jun GaRam. Apparently, the sequel will show more of their relationship , as “Lee Hye Yeon” will wait patiently to sound his crush’s alarm.

The new scenes show how “Hye Yeong” enters a cafeteria and Kim Jo Jo’s alarm begins to sound, those present begin to shout excitedly for the new couple . Sun Ho’s best friend also claims that he blows it 10 times a day, while images are shown where they hold hands, hug and are about to kiss.

Will he finally win the heart of Kim Jo Jo? Love Alarm 2 will show the rapprochement between the two characters , it is not known if in friendship or if something else may arise, since Sun Ho will have a new partner in history. Kim Jo Jo also recounts in the trailer that all her senses and thoughts are on that person as she embraces Lee Hye Yeong.

If you are Team Sun Ho, we leave you the new preview that shows the long-awaited reunion with Kim Jo Jo . Is your love still alive after so many years?


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