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Love Alarm 2 is coming very soon and we’ll finally know which guy Jojo will pick. Dramas always offer good stories to fans, but also, with them the possibility of exchanging points of view about what we see on screen arises.

One of the choices that Korean drama fans have long debated is whether Kim Jojo should stick with Sun Ho or Hye Yeong, and while we already know how the story of the original webtoon ends, when it comes to an adaptation. the production team can listen to the fans’ opinion.

Most fans of the first season of Love Alarm point out that the best choice for Jojo’s heart is Sun Ho, as this boy’s charm managed to captivate hearts from all countries, but what about Hye Yeong?

We believe that just as Sun Ho has many points in his favor, we should not leave Hye Yeong’s qualities behind, so here are some reasons why this boy is a good match for Kim Jojo.


We can be certain that Hye Yeong’s love for Jojo is real. The boy respected Jojo and Sun Ho’s relationship, but he didn’t forget his feelings. Even after a long time, Hye Yeong remains someone close to him, proving that she is someone loyal to him heart.

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Even without being friends, Hye Yeong was already seeking Jojo’s well-being. he always tries to support him and make him difficult days easier to cope with.


Although Hye Yeong and Jojo weren’t exactly friends, he was not just trying to look good supporting his vision. He even let him know that even though she thought she was fine on him own, she only believed it because she had spent a lot of time alone, motivating him to give himself new opportunities and not close himself off to the world.


Hye Yeong is responsible, she always thinks about the people around him and also brings happiness to the people she loves even before him own. Being someone who has sacrificed himself a few times, she also deserves him happiness to come.


Jojo already broke Sun Ho’s heart once by walking away with no apparent explanation other than the lie that he no longer felt anything for him. So taking up your relationship again could be difficult.

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