Louis Tomlinson reports news after surgery: “I hope I’m slowly but surely getting better”


The singer was forced to cancel a series of autographs in the store after breaking his arm last week.

Louis Tomlinson shared the news with fans after undergoing surgery for a broken arm.

The former One Direction singer canceled a series of store signings after he broke his right arm on the way back from a concert in New York last week, and yesterday (November 16) announced that he needed surgery due to an injury.

Tomlinson performed in New York last Friday night (November 11), appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to perform his latest single “Silver Tongues” before headlining a one-off intimate show at the 1,200-seat Irving Plaza.

On the way back from the latter, Tomlinson said he “managed to fall and break [his] right arm pretty badly.”

Updating fans on Twitter, the singer wrote: “I hope everyone is all right! The surgery went well, so hopefully slowly, but of course I’m on the mend.

He continued that he was “absolutely blown away” when he got the chance to become the first number one in the UK with his second solo album “Faith In The Future” — he is currently fighting for it with Bruce Springsteen’s “Only The Strong Survive”. .

“Thank you for everything!” he added. “Let’s give it everything we have!!”

In a four-star review of Faith In The Future, NME described the singer’s second solo album as a “guaranteed step forward,” adding that it “seems to be heading in the right direction.”

In addition to “Silver Tongues”, the album includes the singles “Bigger Than Me” and “Out Of My System”. NME continued that while he is “not reinventing the wheel of modern guitar music,” it is “a major step forward as the musician continues what he acknowledged would be an “ever-evolving process.”

Tomlinson will embark on the “Faith In The Future” tour throughout 2023 in North America, which will last from the end of May to the end of July, as well as in the UK and Europe.


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