2×1. That could be the perfect summary of Louis Tomlinson’s new video clip: We made it. The Briton has presented the audiovisual proposal of the new single from Walls, his first solo album, but in the music video he has left us some clues about what could be his next single.

Let’s start with We made it, a theme dominated by the guitar that has teleported us to the purest Brit-pop of the 90s. A song about overcoming the difficulties that two young people involved in somewhat murky issues play in the clip.

The song is inspired by the nights that Louis enjoyed in Manchester in the first steps of One Direction: “Every time I had free time I went to Manchester to go out at night with my friends. It made me realize that I no longer lived in the world real and I missed him. I loved being normal, reckless and stupid. It was the best getaway. We stayed up all night talking about our dreams and what we thought would happen to us. That age is such an exciting time. idea of ​​what the future holds, but you have a lot of potential. Where does my life go? Who knows? The We Made It choir is also about me and the fans. Among us, it took me a long time to get here I had to work very hard, I had to learn a lot about myself. I feel that only when I go on tour, to sing these songs directly to the fans, I will have cemented the beginning of my solo career. ”

And perhaps because of that connection with his followers, Louis Tomlinson has let the first chords of Don’t let it break at the end of We made it, a song that the soloist presented live a few weeks ago. Next single? Probably video clip that will continue to We made it? Hopefully.


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