LOUD on Free Fire: five fun facts about the PlayHard team


LOUD is one of the most famous Brazilian esports organizations. The team founded by Bruno ” PlayHard ” currently has a line up on Free Fire, a Battle Royale game developed by Garena. In competitive terms, the team has consistently performed in the Brazilian Free Firr League (LBFF) and other international tournaments. LOUD influencers, who live in a mansion, have millions of followers spread across social networks, like Instagram and Twitter, and on their video and stream channels on YouTube and Nimo TV. Check out five curiosities about LOUD below.

Mobile source
LOUD was founded in February 2019 by partners Bruno ” PlayHard ”, Jean Ortega and Matthew Ho. The latter two worked on the production of MOBA Vainglory, launched for smartphones in 2014. The trio therefore decided to create an organization focused on mobile games, with the aim of investing in a relatively little explored market. The first months of the team’s life coincided exactly with the Free Fire explosion in Brazil.

The team’s success is based on Garena’s Battle Royale. With great squad performances in the competitive scene, promotional actions and influencers’ lives, LOUD gained popularity exponentially. Within the championships, the best result obtained was the title of the Copa America 2020, a continental competition held in Mexico City. Vinícius ” ViniZx ” was the best player in the tournament and won the MVP prize.

Domain on YouTube
The organization has barely completed one year of life and has already collected six million subscribers on YouTube. In 2019, inclusive, LOUD was featured in the Brazilian report on the platform called Rewind. The survey listed the main personalities who entered the country’s New Creators hall. The top 10 was dominated by seven members of the organization, in addition to the team’s own channel. The players Joker, Babi, Bradoock, GS, MOB, ViniZx and Voltan were included in the list.

Another curiosity about LOUD on YouTube was the meteoric rise of streamer Mii Esquierdo, hired in February 2020 to compose the team of influencers of the team. Already known in the Fortnite universe, Milena accumulated 700,000 subscribers on the platform in just one week – which proves the brand’s engagement power. The organization not only stands out for the production of lives, but also for videos and various interactive content that are increasingly conquering the Free Fire community.

LOUD Mansion
LOUD inaugurated a new mansion in 2020. The residence is intended for the organization’s influencers and is located in São Paulo, with more than two thousand square meters of area. The site is divided into five floors and consists of 15 bathrooms, nine bedrooms, swimming pool, games room, gym, hot tub, and even a jacuzzi. It is at this address that streamers carry out their live streams and produce content for YouTube and other social networks.

It is worth remembering that the team already had another mansion. Currently, it is exclusive to professional players and members of the coaching staff, who use the space to train and live. With the growth of the brand, the need for a new space was created. The first house was small and unsuitable for ideal working conditions, as the team grows more and more in size.

I’m from LOUD!
In December 2019, the team was not restricted to the gaming world and decided to enter the music universe through the original song ‘Sou da LOUD’, which even won a video on YouTube. The composition, which makes several references to Free Fire, was performed by the Gilklan group – formed by the musicians Yoka, Zoen and Bake.

The clip was born from a partnership with MAX Arena and was produced by Lucca Bloise Di Masi. In addition to Bruno ” PlayHard ” and several members of the team, the video also features special guest appearances by Camilota, Petar Neto, Tawna, Ana Xisdê and other game casters.

Weight team
Most LOUD players and influencers have more than one million followers, both on YouTube and Instagram. On the video platform, for example, the most popular are Joker (2.83 million), Babi (2.89 million), Crusher (4 million) and Gelli (5.73 million), in addition to founder Bruno ” PlayHard ” (10.9 million). The members of the organization also broadcast live on Nimo TV.


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