LOTR: Why are the stars so important in Middle-earth?


It is well known that light, especially the light of the stars, is incredibly important in The Lord of the Rings, because it is able to give hope when everything seems useless, bring clarity when judgment is clouded, and offer salvation to those who choose to turn to him and bask in his radiance. This is especially evident in the light of Elendil, the most beloved star of the elves of Lothlorien, given by Frodo Galadriel. This starlight saves him several times, it allows him to survive the battle with the spider demon Shelob and helps Sam break through the Silent Watchers to save his friend from the tower.

The names of many of the most significant characters in the books are formed around the Elvish word “star”, which is “El”, for example “Elrond”, which means “Star Dome”, as in a dome that contains stars, aka the night sky. Elbereth, which means Star Queen, and Elessar, the royal name of Aragorn, which means Starstone, referring to the stone that Arwen gave him as a sign of their love. These noble characters are named after the stars, because the stars play an important role in the knowledge of Middle-earth, and especially in the appearance of elves and humans in the world.

link: This scene was one of the most harrowing to create

When Eru first creates Middle-earth and shows his Ainur a vision of the children he wants to give birth to to live on his lands, most of them are happy to share the joy that this new creation will bring. All except one (Melkor), who is envious of the way Eru treats his new creatures, and is primarily envious of his ability to create them without any rules or regulations like those he imposes on Ainur.

Although Eru has good reasons to hesitate in allowing the gift of creation to be scattered, in case of mistreatment (for example, when Melkor uses it to create Balrogs or later to corrupt elves and turn them into orcs), he cannot predict what will happen. how Melkor reacts when he is shown a vision of elves and humans. Melkor became enraged and intended to embody a terrible darkness over Middle-earth to prevent the new children of Eru from growing or flourishing. “It is a doom that the Firstborn will come in the dark and be the first to look at the stars. A great light will be for their extinction.” He sought to kill the green lands, pollute the clear waters, destroy the mountains with his might and create such a deep darkness that would destroy any chance or hope they might have.

Seeing their plight, one of the Ainur realized that the only way to thwart Melkor’s cruel plans was to fight the darkness he brought, with her own light. “Then Varda came out of the council, and she looked down from the height of Taniquetil and beheld the darkness of Middle-earth under countless stars, faint and distant. Then she began a great work, the greatest of all the works of the Valar since the time She took silver dew from the vats of Telperion and created new stars in them, brighter against the coming of the Firstborn, therefore she whose name from the depths of time and the works of Ea was Tintalle, the Lighter, which the elves called the Queen of the Stars.”

“It is said that as soon as Varda finished her exploits, and they were long, when the first Menelmakar stepped into the sky and the blue flame of Halloween flickered in the mists over the borders of the world, the Children of the Earth woke up at that hour. “The firstborn of Iluvatar. By the starlit swamp of Kuivienen, the Water of Awakening, they rose from the sleep of Iluvatar; and while they lived, still silently, at Kuivienen, their eyes first of all contemplated the heavenly stars. Therefore they have always loved the starlight and revered Varda Elentari above all the Valar.”

Varda literally drew constellations in the night sky so that children would wake up from something beautiful and know that no matter what dangers they met on their way, they would always have a light to guide them. She replaced Melkor’s problems with an act of pure love and kindness that made all the stars of Middle-earth shine brighter than ever before, and in doing so she created a level of protection within the magic of the stars that would later be used. time and time again by the elves of the world to do and create amazing things. All the creatures of Middle—earth are connected with the stars and above all venerate the stars simply because the stars are Varda’s love for them in physical form.