LOTR: Was Rivendell abandoned after the War of the Ring?


The War of the Ring led to a completely new era of Middle-earth, different from those that came before it. It meant the end of many things, the closing of many chapters in their history. This put an end to the evil that Sauron had infected the lands with for hundreds of years, and proclaimed a new era of peace for the free peoples of the world, unlike anything ever known, even in the legendary days of the Numenorians before their fall.

But besides ridding the world of the dark lord’s malice, it also put an end to the era of the elves, the oldest race of beings who have lived for thousands of years since Eru created the lands and the Valar first began to sing the songs of Middle-earth.

The parting of the elves across the sea, when they traveled west to their sanctuary in the Immortal Lands, was a sad loss for Middle-earth, because they took with them a lot of magic and beauty of the kingdom. The destruction of one ring left the three elven rings of power also without their enchantment effects, which meant that many of the ethereal kingdoms and dwellings of the fair race had also fallen into disrepair.

Iconic places from the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies, such as Likholesye and Lorien, became completely different after the end of the war, for Likholesye it became a greener and healthier place away from the malice of Dol Guldur and infestation by giant spiders. , for Lorien it became an autumn place, still beautiful, but devoid of starlight rings Galadriel Nanya. But the most famous elven kingdom in both films is arguably Rivendell, which was known for its healing and wisdom. So what happened to Rivendell after the end of the War of the Ring? Was it abandoned when the elves sailed to Valinor?

It is important to note that not all elves immediately left Middle-earth. The end of their participation in the world came gradually and began even before there was a war. This was certainly accelerated by the destruction of the single ring, which took away the power of the three elven rings that brought so much light and magic into the world, but in truth, the elves were eager to head back across the sea for most of the Third Age, even before the Search for Erebor set in motion everything that followed for this.

So, as soon as the ring was destroyed, some left immediately, knowing that their role was over, some broke up to find healing, but some broke up more gradually, traveling to say goodbye before going on their last journey. And there are even several examples of those who never sailed to the west at all, for example, the most obvious of them was Arwen, who remained to love and rule next to Aragorn, and later chose to be buried in the lands of her youth in Lorien.

Both of Arwen’s brothers, Elrohir and Elladan, also chose to stay in Middle-earth even after their father Lord Elrond left, and they stayed in Rivendell, making sure that the kingdom was not left abandoned and destroyed. Celeborn also joined them. , Galadriel’s husband, who stayed for a few years to walk the trees of Lorien. Soon Celeborn began to feel that the forest was paling in the absence of Galdriel, who had already gone west with Elrond and many elves, and he could no longer stay in Lorien and watch their once beautiful kingdom fade into the shadows. my former self. Therefore, he traveled for a long time to live in Rivendell before eventually parting with the west himself to be with his wife.

It is believed that Elladan and Elrohir left with Celeborn around the time Aragorn died, more than 100 years after the War of the Ring, when the Fourth Age was established and was placed in the capable hands of Aragorn’s son to rule the reunited kingdoms. Gondor and Rohan. At the end of the story of Arwen and Aragorn, in the Appendices to The Lord of the Rings, it is said that “no one now walks in the garden of Elrond,” which means that the Noldor elves who lived there the longest have finally parted, leaving Rivendell empty.

Eventually, when other races filtered out of Middle-earth and it became the world in which people live today, the knowledge and legends of Rivendell were lost and forgotten, and they disappeared from the memory of those who remained at the end of days.


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