LOTR: Rings of Power Trailer Fine-Tunes Sauron’s Arrival

That famous black helmet is still missing, but Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power has just released a big teaser for the arrival of Sauron. Ever since Amazon announced the Lord of the Rings TV show, set during J.R.R. During Tolkien’s Second Era, Sauron’s involvement seemed inevitable. After all, the Second Age was to Sauron what the 1980s were to Bon Jovi. The presence of the cult villain became even more likely after Amazon confirmed the official name of the project as “Rings of Power”, since the Dark Lord himself is the mastermind behind the creation of these trinkets. You can’t just tell the story of the Rings of Power without inviting Sauron.
It’s strange that Sauron was completely absent from the “Rings of Power” marketing campaign. His armored arm may have been included in the list of posters before the trailer, but the villain himself is nowhere to be seen, despite the fact that he almost certainly plays a key role. According to some reports, Sauron may not appear at all in the first season of The Ring of Power, and if he does, he will either appear minimally at the very end, or will disguise himself as a completely different character. Amazon’s non-Sauron-loving promotion continues with a new trailer for The Rings of Power released ahead of SDCC 2022… but these new footage at least sets the stage for its debut.
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In a key moment in the trailer, Morfydd Clarke’s Galadriel warns: “The enemy is still there — now the question is where.” Unfortunately for the future Lady of Lothlorien, very few people believe her. Even the famous wise Elrond (played here by Robert Aramayo) says Galadriel: “It’s over.” The second trailer for Amazon’s Rings of Power describes a scenario in which many elves are largely satisfied that Morgoth’s defeat in the First Age put an end to evil in Middle—earth, while Galadriel is the only voice warning of darkness awakening from the shadows. This battle dynamic between Galadriel and her people perfectly leads to Sauron’s return to Middle-earth. Approaching the elves disguised as “Annatar” during the Second Age, Sauron infiltrates the Eregion, quickly establishing himself as a friend and ally. One of the few elves who are still suspicious of this newcomer is Galadriel, and the early roots of this suspicion are already evident in the second trailer for “Rings of Power”.
Why is Annatar so important to the Rings of Power
Galadriel doesn’t necessarily talk about Annatar specifically in The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power, but sooner or later Sauron’s “fair disguise” should show his face.
Having convinced the elves to trust him, Annatar shares his experience and support in the art of forging magic rings, in particular, targeting Celebrimbor, who oversees their creation (played by Charles Edwards in “Rings of Power”). Thanks to the secret knowledge of Annatar, the elves create 19 Rings of Power, which are subsequently shared among themselves, dwarves and humans, as deadly friendship bracelets. As stated in The Lord of the Rings, Sauron then slips back to Mordor, where he creates a Single Ring that will dominate all the others. Annatar deceiving the elves is perhaps the most significant event in the Second Tolkien Era, determining the course of Middle—earth up to the moment when Frodo threw the Ring of Omnipotence into the Mountain of Doom. Even if Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series wasn’t called “Rings of Power,” Annatar just needs to be woven into the show’s narrative sooner rather than later.
The introduction of Annatar may not happen earlier than in the first season of The Ring of Power, but Galadriel’s insistence that evil is waiting around the corner, gathering its forces, compared to the broader belief of the elves that everything is in perfect order since the Valar dealt with Morgoth, foreshadows his coming presence. A gap is already forming between the elves who will trust him and the elves who won’t.
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