LOTR: Gollum is coming for PS5 and Xbox Series X!


The new game of Lord of the Rings, known for its movie and book series, will be released for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. New announcements for the game under construction were shared by Daedalic Entertainment. Here are the new details about Lord of the Rings Gollum…

Lord of the Rings Gollum will come to next generation consoles!

According to Daedalic Entertainment, the new Lord of the Rings game will be released to both existing consoles and next-generation consoles expected to be available towards the end of the year, as well as for Nintendo Switch. The new build will be released in 2021 for all platforms. Unfortunately, a clearer date has not been announced for now.

In addition to these explanations, a video that will quench our curiosity and understand what the new game will offer has been published recently. If you wish, let’s share that video with you without further ado. Have a good time …

According to the statements made by Eurogamer, the new game will have different options, routes and level-based gameplay.

What do you think about the new game? Will it meet your expectations with what you see from the video?


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