Lotería del Niño 2021 draw: how to watch online on the web


Although in other countries the Christmas holidays officially end as soon as the New Year passes, in Spain we still have the Three Wise Men and something else, a kind of second chance if in the draw for the Gordo de Navidad you have not had anything: The extraordinary draw of the child.

Everyone who has a tenth can aspire to win a part of the 700 million euros that will be put into play. The draw will begin today, January 6 at 12 noon. And if for whatever reason you are not going to be at home to follow it and / or in front of a TV, it is best to use your smartphone or PC to follow the broadcast live on one of these websites:

See and listen to the Extraordinary Draw of El Niño 2021

Spanish Television is in charge of broadcasting the Christmas draw and the Children’s draw live on TVE’s La1 every year. But if we do not have a TV at hand, it is best to watch the event by streaming on its official website so as not to miss any detail. Or we can also discard the A la Carta app and follow the broadcast on the mobile.

The country

As with other events such as the elections or the Christmas Lottery, the website of the newspaper El País has a dedicated section to see the El Niño 2021 draw live.

Ser string

Another alternative, we can follow it live on the radio, on the web through streaming and through the app for smartphones.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon’s AI assistant for its smart speakers can also give you a hand with the Lottery, since with this My Lottery skill you can check the results of the lottery draws in Spain. You will be able to consult the National Lottery, La Bonoloto, El Gordo, La Primitiva and the Euromillions of the day you want in real time. You can also check the Christmas raffles such as the Extraordinary Christmas Raffle, or the Extraordinary Child Raffle.

Of course: Do not try to trick Alexa into predicting the winning numbers, it will not strain, and if not, check it for yourself with the following example: “Alexa, ask My Lottery what will be the winning number of Tomorrow’s Primitiva” .


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