Lost Soul Aside Rises From The Ashes and Gains 18 Minutes of Gameplay


Lost Soul Aside: The developer Ultizero Games released a new video for Lost Soul Aside, showing approximately 18 minutes of uninterrupted gameplay and full of news for fans.

The new action RPG images feature boss battles that promise to be grandiose, adapting elements that are extremely familiar to the audience that likes Devil May Cry and other third-person hack ‘n’ slash. For those who do not remember, this title was widely in Final Fantasy XV and was developed by one person.

The game promises a dynamic gameplay system that allows the execution of several different combos, at the same time that several things happen on the screen and very well done animations continue the gameplay, with the implementation of several sequence plans.

The video also shows the incredible universe where the game will be set and a little more about the skills of the protagonist Kazer, who allies himself with a crystal dragon – the hero’s sword – to search for mysterious crystals in the midst of a surprise appearance by countless monsters in Planet. As you can see in the video below, your riding mechanics will be very similar to that of V in Devil May Cry 5, being possible to slide across platforms with a supernatural board.

Lost Soul Aside, due to arrive on PS4, PS5 and PC, remains without a confirmed release date.


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