Lost Judgment: Your Location Director Warns About the Crudeness of the Story


Lost Judgment’s director of Western location advises on the themes of the story; not everything is petting dogs or riding a board.Lost Judgment goes beyond just having the playable appeal that it has shared in recent weeks. Scott Strichart, director of localization of the Yakuza franchise at SEGA, wanted to warn his followers about the issues that the story deals with, and that given the circumstances we go through, they can lead to a problem.

Lost Judgment: A Raw History

“It’s worth saying: I’m delighted that you are all excited about the dancing, skateboarding, and dogs of Lost Judgment, but please don’t forget that the story is about various traumas; no fun is worth having if your head is in the wrong space, “says Strichart. “If you are concerned, consider it before you buy: your health has to come first. Take care, you really matter ”.

The director refers, among other ways, to the last published by the editor. Yagami will be involved in activities of all kinds that complement the main story. As is customary in Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios games, the plot is where the narrative gets serious, while the secondary content goes wild. Be that as it may, Lost Judgment will be no different. Under this paragraph you will find one of his latest gameplays.

SEGA is scheduled to release Lost Judgment on September 24 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. It will be the first simultaneous release in the long history of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios, fathers of the Yakuza saga. In this way in the West we will not have to wait regarding its commercialization in Japan.

What will the future hold? We do not know it, since it may be in question due to some disagreements with the image rights of its protagonist.


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